Memory that aught not to be shared.

I remember one time when I was only threeish and I was, wait. wrong memory.

In an effort to eternally complicate issues I have created for work a "shared memory module". Kinda neat unto itself, but increasiningly becoming useless. Unless, hm. well, that is a topic for another time. But anyways as I was saying this memory object kept all the "static" data as well as some not quite so static data that is used all the time, I created a runtime module that nicely created this and kept it up to date. 

But alas, there was a problem. Whenever a client, or the runtime, really anyone accessing the shared memory, crashed a large chuck of data seemed to "disapear", so well this was fun. To make a long story short I think I fixed it. it seems that any arrays inside the memory area a cleared when the program crashes. seems odd. 


There are a lot of boxes in my living room. At last count there were over 30, and come monday there will be 700 or so more. 

You see, my roommate has started a company called Is-Sweet Entertainment Design®  which at this moment, the sole purpose is to sell tee-shirts to people who, when I last checked already had some.  13 of those boxes sitting in my living room contain 100 or so shirts each.

My problem with this is we don’t really need nor want most of these boxes to be sitting there for the rest of eternity, so I urge you to buy a shirt. For with each sale, one box will be removed from the appartment. Save me from being over-run with boxes!

Ah, ok, I don’t mind the boxes so much, but never the less. You should probably check the shirts out. You could probably use another one, plus you get a free box!

Futurama returns

I was listening to MMORadio when I heard that Comedy Central is reviving Futurama. I checked on the web and apparently the voice actors have signed contracts and 13 new episodes will be created to be aired in 2008.

Yay! About time.

Go someplace for more infomation, how about here?
or here?
or here?
or here?

MMORPG the MUD of the Modern world

I have been playing an MMORPG lately. World of Warcraft, It’s a good game. Don’t really recomend that you play it, it wastes a LOT of time. 

But it reminds me of the MUD I spent most of my time during linux class at college trying to write. And if I remember correctly most of the Java class the year before. Yes, I wrote two. The code has since been lost, sad and disheartening, but I find it mildly amusing that most of the concepts have not changed over the years. World of Warcraft just has a neat 3D interface, my MUD was text, but underneath the logic is the same.

Just a thought.

Chat Poetry pt 2

Chat Poetry 2

Disclaimer: Ditto. Chats may not be accually be poems. There is no guarantee for the accuacy of the above statement. You read these at your own risk. No small animals were hurt in the making of this page, However a few big ones have headaches.

Terdos: elephants. a herd of them ran through my kitchen.               had to chase them off and clean up. then there was a large               Energy disterbance of the port side I had to check out.               that took a while. then there was chatting with a few               entities over a complex web of wires. that took a while.               then there was the Election. then there was my lazyness.   Terdos: like an evergoing pizza on the road of shame.               thus is my program making me insane.  Terdos: whee. i say. and candy play. in my mouth so chewy.               then. one day. a candy tray. I bought went ka blewy.  Terdos: my brain was here. I drank some beer. and it now is lost.               I now do fear. That it is near. The ult - i - mate cost.  Terdos: ig. do that me does. they last not long. they they gone  Terdos: from east to west.               from north to south.               I'm really not the best.                But who can really say?                I've never had a test.  Terdos: at this very moment, on this very day.               I am doing nothing. is what i tried to say.  Terdos: oi, this rhyming gets to you. it makes me kind of sad.               can i not use english, like those before me always had?  Terdos: ic. I like them all I do. which is really rather odd.               that is more or less true. I really never liked maude.  Terdos: if is a pie. I cannot see. my msn not over 5 be.  Terdos auto-message: I am back, I'm glad to say.               I only left, not run away.                              but sad be true, that next week               I'll leave again, fox creek I seek.  Terdos: mine do too. sad that is. bang head against               computer. then usually works better. my head not the               computer.  Terdos auto-message: this is odd as you must know. me               not here I never show.               it is true I am so odd. I must go and be with God.               Hockey play I might today. But my breath may be away.               When I'm back I do not know. late tonight we can hope.               but alas it is not done. for gone I will, and its not fun.               leave tuesday  it is true. when be back I wish I knew.   Terdos: I live inside a bubble square. from my feet to top of hair.  Terdos: as it was. as it is. and as it ever shall be.               the knower of nothing will be alone, shunned and forever               forced to a desolite existance.  Terdos: I knew a diswasher. sides were white as snow.               plug it in the taps and watch the water flow.  Terdos: hm. evil homer I may be. but create a hack would               just be mean.  Terdos: but throught the light of blinding sadness,               through darkness of dispair, rise the evil of th deap               with fire in her hair.  Terdos: Know a guy Terwindows you do. that               is odd (i'm sure you knew)               The real question then it is, do you know who terwindows is?  Terdos: peoples met?               on the internet?                              is it not scary?               they all be hairy?                              or maybe they blue?               do they know you?  Terdos: ah ic. makes some sense. could be 40 year old               evil peoples looking for next victom. becareful you must               or becoume some sort of dust.  Terdos auto-message: Oh where did you go I do ask you.               Did you get lost in the fog?               Oh where did you go I do ask you.               Did you get hit buy the frog?               Oh where did you go I do ask you.               Did you get bitten by the dog?               Oh where did you go I do ask you.               Did you drink to much nog?  Terdos: well in the absence of answers the question will               provail. so. hm I said which what how. but that is               weird. so it can only mean I am now online in RA2  Terdos: but as such see that you are not. so. hm.               easterbunnies I would then be forcesd to assume.  Terdos: wheered he go I do not know. when be back I wish heed show.  Terdos: but alas I'm here alone, where I am accident prone.   Terdos: i died. a thousand deaths. me sad I am and now               be gone. I can't believe that I am dead. but it is true               I heard the gong.  Terdos: oh where o where is my pizza? I really do not know.  Terdos: if I were a pizza a pizza I would be. of course               that is odd but who really knows what elephants do about it?  Terdos: I am so sad, I have to say.               Cannot spell not even dae.                              what brought about this evil blight?               I cannot say it don't seem right.                              but its ok, I have to say.               i can use google anyway.  The(8)note: umm, whe whe whe...whe? here to a "T"               is I, hehe...are you about to pay a fee?  no it's me.  The(8)note: or who will you be?  is it someone you'll see...  The(8)note: or is it Lee? is he cree? not tiny like a pee.  The(8)note: eeee, it could be free.  The(8)note: where are you?....I'm going nuts too...the               cow goes moo.  who?  ooo ooo, it's like two, people               around with one getting koo koo...  The(8)note: I'm sitting here with my words rhyme, to               time, am I going to climb?  get a dime.  buy a chime?               that's a crime...not me just a mime..eating thyme, I am.  Terdos: well I do declare. that is alison out there   Terdos: Away I am, that is true.               I left this message here for you.                              So you can know that I am gone.               I only hope not for long.                              When be back, I I cannot say.               Only know, that not today.                              Unless of course this happens to be.               The day I'm back from the place you see.                              The chance of that is quite slim.               But it is there, so i'll leave it in.  Terdos: I see that this message text, is               not enough for you it seems.               So here is more that's now next, that'll crush your               hopes  and dreams.               It may be so mean of me, but really, what can I do?               I am not here as you can see, So my computer is mean to you.               um, now I'm lost I cannot think what would crush your dreams?               I do not know, this quite the kink,  I've lost my brain it seems.               This rhyme is going nowhere, I used the same one twice.               I must quit for that I fear, before I use it thrice.               Before I go I must say, How sorry I really am.               For I am dumb and must pay, for stupidity and spam.               And on that note I will leave, And bother not again.               But if another note receive, I think will cause some strain.  Terdos: I put a sticker on my monitor, of that i can't deny.               The picture that resides on it is pleasing to the eye.                              Of the red and white and black, with specs of golden hue.               A picture rises from the mist that may startle even you.                              A coke bear on roller blades, a sight so seldom seen.               Is handing me a coke, I think i'm in a dream.                              But when I reach to grab it, the refreshment oh so cold.               I cannot for this coke you see is not there, or so I'm told.                              But suffice to say, this will not bring me down.               For i can go and buy one the next time i'm in town.  Terdos: um. dunno.                my brain is dead I cannot think                I lost my brain inside my sink                I lost my brain inside my sink  Terdos: Woe is me this awfull day, I hate computers what more can I say?               Why just now my evil one, has crashed and burned and its not fun.                              What you ask has just transpired? All can say it makes me tired.               I found you see some bar, attached to my IE, harmless, so far.                              It was, I note just anoying, did not harm or not to my knowing.               And so I started my quest for reduction, but all I got was a lot of destruction.                              Well I started as anyone would, I opened up control panel, at least I could.               I clicked the button for and and remove, found the sidefind and clicked on remove.                              At first nothing happend ignore me I fear, so clicked it again and a box did appear.               It asked me if I was sure to remove, so clicked the yes, I was in the groove.                              Said to me to close down all ie, I did that quickly and continued you see.               But what did happen did confound, the window went empty, no programs were found.                              I clicked the close, open again i tried, but poor me it said permision denied.               At this point annoyed I was, so rebooted I did and it happened as thus:  Terdos: When it had booted, I was not around, it asked               for registraration I went and I found.               I disconected my conection to network before, I entered               it in and continued the chore.                              All seemed well as it booted so nice, asked me for my               password, i was sitting on ice.  Terdos: I entered it in and waited in awe, but explore               did crash, that is what I saw.  Terdos: The network was down despite being up, so all I               could do was fight it closeup.               I sighed as i knew my computer was dead, I had reason to               hope it was all in my head.                              I reinstalled windows, I hope for the best, but never               you know, results can never be guessed  Terdos: Waiting i am for my fate to be sealed. I hope it               did work, will wait till reveiled  Terdos: sigh, I am dead. theres nothing to do, but call               out for help from people like you.               Crashed the install, I find this so odd, but what can I               do but trust in facade.  Terdos: Got past the login, with quite ease, but now I               am updateing, that was a breeze.               I am waiting now for the verdict, and wondering why I               used that in a rhyme. 

Finally some recognition

  I recieved this in my email a few days ago.  I would like to thank all the people that made this possible, you have all been such a help. 

Today is National Mental Health Day.     
You can do your part by remembering to send an e-mail to at least one unstable person.

               Well, my job’s done! 

Site Layout

So, finally decided to update my site layout.

Just for a change tried using CSS instead of my old mainstay of  tables. Unfortunately a lot of the dynamicly generated pages use tables extensively which tended to break anything I tried. Too bad. so finally settled on what I have right now.

Noticed a few weird things, sigh, will fix them at some point in time.


Very nice CSS layout information and stuff, rite:

Chat Poetry pt 1


Chat Poetry
Disclaimer: All Chats reprinted without permission. They are sorted, but I refuse to tell you how. Names have been shortened to protect the guilty. Recipients of the chats and true identities of the senders are not disclosed. Text has not been modified from origional showing, altho they may have been reformated. Not all Poems are displayed. Poems are not guaranteed to make sense.
Terdos: pizza pizza I'm awfully fond of you Vo-vo vo-deo pizza pizza,                joy of joy When I squeeze you, you make noise pizza pizza                 you're my very best friend it's true  Terdos: for those out there who thought I was insane. Should come back                 soon an check my brain. I'm sure is gone I hope not long I                 saw it leave on the 4:00 train  Terdos: If I were a pizza a Pizza I would be. with chunks of ham and                 pineapple, and large amounts of cheese  Terdos: Computers are an evil breed. an evil breed are they.                 The sit apon their desks so large and waste my day away.                 I press their buttons and there keys hopeing for a response.                 But all I get is a headache from all its evil taunts.  Terdos: Computers are an evil breed, to that there is no doubt.                To be heard above the aweful noise you really have to shout.                Sitting in a room so tiny with them every day                And for the ringing in my ears I hope it doesn't stay.  Terdos: Computers are an evil breed, and this it often flaunts               With text upon their stupid boxes, in their ugly fonts.                I find it hard to use their screen, it causes me to pout.                And sometimes I begin to cry, until someone helps me out.  Terdos: this is a message as odd as can be.                it was sent to you as from me.                but that is odd as yes its true.                I'm not here, but here are you.  Terdos: I still exist. at least I may. I wander round from day to day.                However strange it seems it might. I went to bed 
early last night. Terdos: yep so hotmail did screw up. I was wrong and now me sad. I'll go away for I am bad. Terdos: if I were a pizza a pizza I would be not a little rodent or a birdy in the tree. Terdos: confuzzled are we that think oddly. we look at math so fondly. of course it is weird, we have a beard, and yet we could not find a rhyme to end this. Terdos: I am here or so i say, my head is gone insane. the like of which has not been seen since I was on the train. you wonder now what this is, and let me tell you all. I installed the directx 9, sdk, an order rather tall. But alas this is my story of this evil deed. for not a single sample would run, oh indeed. to combat this injustice tho. I searched so high and low. only to find that no-one cared about my awfull plight. but then when I felt so bad I saw something of light. but again alas me rather sad for not it worked for me. it turns out for those drivers i need 2k, or xp. altho my hardware can support the evilness abound. no-one is willing to supposrt my OS I found. so as I come to the end of this sad tale. that in reality i did not really fail. I said to me, me says I, do i need this thing? of course the answer would be no, I felt I had to sing. but at that time. there was a choice one that looked so fine. of directx 8.1 you see , I could load and be as good as nine. but alas the tale on be ended on such note. as I realized I always had this one among my awfull bloat. Terdos: and so you see my pain so clear as I am insane. no matter what I do, I cannot use my brain. Terdos: that is good. for my story has not ended. I installed some drivers see that not for me where intended. but I know not if they work. i have to test them all now for any kind of quirk Terdos: and whee I say an it be true I ig and all that. I am sure I have been not here, for whee saith i, and that. you see I said that my brain is weird, and today is no exception. I downloaded new drivers in hopes of a remarkable acception. but you see me be bad and not install them all. so think i did that they not work, me not on the ball. but just now I feel happy yes indead I do. for install my drivers I just did and now they work too. and so you see my story may have ending thats bright. but you should know that this not mean I see the light. directx 9 it now it works. my heart is happy now. and now must buy a coke, afore my head goes pow. :D:P(H)(L)(^)(~) (M)(@)(&)(P)(I):) Kurt: Computers they not know how to play, whether it be night or it be day. 1v1s would better be, we could start with you v me. Ig ahoy, for his sake, terdos then can the winner take. Battle back and forth to and fro, til someone wins four in a row. then he can shout with glee, for the winner he will be. Terdos: there was a game, I was so bad I had to lose, It was so sad. I built a base, It was destroyed I had no chance, I was annoyed. We played a game, better was I. I had no base, but still could fly. With those above, I lasted long. I shot my enemies, till I was gone. Terdos: I could play the computer tho. have not won that you should know. If I play against you one. I'd rather think it would be fun. Then of course play some more. to see whos winner forever more. Terdos: if your there then that is grand but if your not I'll understand. Terdos: But where you went I cannot say. I lost my brain the exact same way. Terdos: but through the looking glass we peek. its almost like I cannot speek. Terdos: there is naught but my reflection. It stars at me from its direction. Terdos: oh were or where have they gone? I can't believe I don't belong. Terdos: the real reason for my madness, stems from my eternal badness. Kurt: mary had a little lamb... little lamb... little lamb... mary had a little lamb... lalallalalalala lalal alala al dum dum da dum Terdos: And here I am I try to rhyme. I made some enemies while online. I lost a game, maybe more. I won a game, but still am sore. I was hurt but I will be fine. there was this game you see its true they made it with a bunch of rules but one of them, my alliy strong. broke them all, the others gone. I then was bad and unallied too. of course the game was bad for me. I really am an idiot you see. I lost this game so very small I hoped a win for them all. but lost to zerg so readily. um. yah. ignorith me I am insane I lost my sanity on th train. or was it a bus? I remember not thus. And here I am being a pain. Terdos: I will be back, before too long. I must leave, a safeway song. Do not hurry, but have some fun. As there is, work to be done Terdos: got disconnected, that i fear. I think maybe I was drunken from beer. Kurt: i see, i see i says to you, do you know what we should do? Games to played good or bad, Keep me from playing them did my dad. Kurt: UT or RA2 u be playing, or maybe i know what i'm saying. But if a game u want to play i will be here for this day Kurt: UT2K4 good game me thinks, much better than games they play on rinks. Terdos: Dead you am i hear you say. Thats not good id rather think. Kinda sad, youve ruined my day. I must now go to wash my sink.

@!# Asterisk

I hate asterisk.

No, thats not true. It just bugs me. I have this thing against open source and well I have been unable to get it to connect to a pstn (public switched telephone network).

There are some low quality cards, the X100p, that asterisk is designed to see and use without much in the way of configuration. It took some time for the card to get here from Hong Kong (29.99 + shipping from . But when the day arrived I through the card into my machine expecting miracles and wonders beyound the imagination of mere mortals such as myself. This was new territory, a step into the unknown, a huge headache.

It took me forever to find a website that would even tell me the most basic configuratiion for these cards, but finally found one, after I hacked something together:

Mostly on my own trying to figure out what webpages like: this were trying to tell me I finally hacked something together that seemed it might work, I loaded the drivers started asterisk and made a phone call. It rang once and was answerd by a recored voice thanking me for choosing asterisk, It worked!

I hung up and started fooling around trying to something a bit more usefull, lets talk to the outside world from a sip phone. However at every attempt to dial out my phone told me to hang up. I was getting frustrated. I figured I would see if I could still dial in. The line was busy.

Now here is the interesting part. (yes I know the rest was boring, skip to here much more interesting)

I apeared to have destroyed my card simply by calling it. I can see very few other options. I have tried different machines, different versions of linux and asterisk, different distributions of linux as well as different configurations, hardware and software, nearly every permution I have availiable. The card goes offhook as soon as I load the drivers, and will not go onhook untill I reboot the machine. I even hit the card.


So, is this a driver issue? I did manage to load the drivers once without ill effect. Is it a hardware issue? how could I have blown a modem by using it? All diagnostics say "RED" whatever that means, started poking around in the driver source as well as the diagnostic source to no avail. I changed my configureation from kewlstart to loopstart, the diagnostics said it was ok, but it still went offhook, in fact the RED alarm came back on shortly after.

Not about to return it. may try in a windows machine

Ah well, for work will have to set up a dialogic anyway.


Testing, Testing One, Two Three

Well, ig.

This is a blog, Evil I know, but have been fooling with the idea for some time.

This is a bit rushed, have not been able to finish everything that I would have liked, including making it look nice .


However, Here is my First blog.