My Sandwich

I have created a sandwich. ALL HAIL THE SANDWICH.

First one must choose the finest of green and red ingredients.

Add two slices of brown bread.

Followed by black forest ham.

And sliced Chicken.

Top with a slice of swiss cheese (minus the holes)

The Final Product. (With dressing and mustard)

First Bite.

The Sandwich was complete, all that was needed was a coke!

And So, It was.

What is the point of having a digital camera if you do not document yourself making a sandwich?


So, apparently I have more relatives, This one makes me an uncle. So, um whee I guess. 

Anyway the name would be Rebecca Elizabeth Schmidt athough  for some reason they seem to be insisting on my calling her Becca or something like that, was half a sleep when people called me about it.

I have stolen these pictures, and there is nothing you can do about it. so bwa ha ha. Anyway I post them here so that well. for some reason I am sure. you could go The Schmidt House for more pictures and information.

Here she seems intent on something, maybe watching television.
It is good to start them at a young age so they build up an imunity.

This is part of the happy dance, too bad she can’t stand up.

Rebecca is complaining that someone stole her arm.
Don’t worry it was returned later.

Hats. Do they ever fit?


Goblins do not usually venture very far from their mountains, unless
they are driven out and are looking for new homes, or are marching to
war (which I am glad to say has not happened for a long while). But in

WarCrack Addiction.

World of  Warcraft has an addictive quality. rather interesting that. 

If you have not already you really should wander over to the PurePwnage website. Really, you should watch all the episodes, they are all gold. But in the context of WOW, I would recomend you watching episodes 6,7 and 11. 

There really is no point to world of warcraft, you wander around pick things up, put things down, kill things ,be killed by things, find things, lose things, train things, learn things and ultimately lose a large chunk of your life. But what is even more amusing still is that a lot of the people who "play" world of warcraft dedicate their entire time to chatting in game, about things that are completely unproductive. I have heard so many chuck noris jokes I am looking forward to the participants to be killed and strung up on the walls of stormwind (not likely to happen). I have heard argumants about religion,  politics, the military, and sex. I have seen people voice dislike of people, places and things. I have seen things that if the participants where not seperated by thousands of miles of cables would lead to confrontations that could result in injury or even death. 

People take the game a bit too seriously. I don’t know why.  if you die, you come back, if you lose a quest, you can start again. if you cannot kill something, you can try again. if you cannot go somewhere, you can tomorrow. It is so simplistic that anyone can play. But I see even the most experienced players complain when they die, or cant find the special quest item. RELAX, its just a game.

But the urge to play is strong. For some reason you always want to build the character, make him stronger then he was. 

it is slightly confusing.

Rats Foiled Again

Someone has foiled my plan for world domination through the excesive use of warm cola, it has been refrigerated. It will take hours to warm the cola again.

Back to the drawing board.

Arctic or bust

Lately it has not been to bad, It been below the wow it is really hot mark.

But I was thinking, I should just move the the arctic. It never gets this hot and 12 months of the year it would be nice cold weather. Unless I wanted to go outside this would be the perfect solution to my heat problem.

Unlike most people who don’t have half a dozen computers running at any given moment, the average temperature in my appartment during the summer hovers around the "boy its uncomfortable" mark, during the winter this does drop to a more liveable temperature that can be suplemented by heaters if the need should ever arise.

So, The arctic would be ideal. And seeing as I have no real reason to ever leave the appartment, this seems almost perfect.

But, it does not seem likely that this would happen, but I can dream, maybe the icicles in my mind can cool me down.

Too bad I may be going to Texas, heard it is even warmer. 

Maybe it will snow. that would be nice.

Cars, Bars and Electric Guitars

I bought a car.

Well, not recently, and it wasn’t my money so, rather, I picked out a car, someone else aquired it.

This car has issues. I mean it has never run property. the interior is a bit of a mess, and components of several key assemblies simply don’t work and need repair or replacement. I have spent a fair amount on that already, and will be spending more in the future.

The problem is though, I really know nothing about cars. I mean I know the basic fundamentals but I am no mechanic. So other peoples are working on the car for me, which is fine. But what am I doing buying cars I cannot possibly make work? dunno.

I should not aquire project cars.

However it seems that with a bit more cash, patience and possibly some good luck, the car will finaly be on the road soon. Just needs a safety and possibly some more new components, wouldn’t mind a paint job, or at least touchups.

So, thats good. just need to conjour up some money.

Ever noticed that if you drive a car to a bar, you probably should not be driving it back? Just wondering, unless everyone has designated drivers. which is unlikely. ah well does not really matter I guess.

So anyway. there was a time when I was learning to play guitar. died though, broke a string. sad. cried.