An Ode To Fleed

I have
a sister
she goes by fleed
there are more 

I hear tell
of things 
she does and
what she 
says but that is
what this is

For you see
that being 
is the youngest
of the

Friday is
first day at college 
she has
grown up

I will not be
to see her off
although I have
there was a party.

I know nothing
the school and what 
might be awaiting

But all
I can do
is wish her well.

Dunno what an ode is , but there is a freestyle poem, YAY!


Coffee, I can’t really claim to be an expert at coffee. Not sure I want to be. but t seems to me to be one of the strangest substances known to man.


enough about coffee.

I am really writing this because people don’t know how to make coffee. I guess that is about coffee. hm. oh well.

Anyway. I have noticed anyways that people tend to just dump more coffee grounds on to the old coffee grounds creating a blackish brew that tastes like it was left in the pot  for the past week. this seems silly.

I felt the need to complain. plus it is very boring at the office. should go home and work. maybe.

But there is no coffee at home.

Now I am confused.

My results to some sorta quiz, poor me

Your results:
You are An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
Geordi LaForge
Leonard McCoy (Bones)
Will Riker
Jean-Luc Picard
Mr. Scott
Mr. Sulu
Beverly Crusher
James T. Kirk (Captain)
Deanna Troi
Since your accomplishments are seldom noticed, and you are rarely thought of, you are expendable. That doesn’t mean your job isn’t important but if you were in Star Trek you would be killed off in the first episode you appeared in.

Click here to take the Star Trek Personality Test

A Time Traveling Pair of Ducks

 Time Travel, Ducky Style

I am often confused by peoples confusion of time travel. Granted more often then not a paradox arises, like if I go back in time and kill my grandfather would I exist or would the universe blow up?

I have no answer to that question. no real answers, anyway. I don’t know how time travel works. never done it. When I have I will write something slightly more useful here, and replace those ducks with something more futurery. Apparently no-one from the future has come back in time and placed futuristic ducks on google. so I am stuck with rubber duckies.

I do however have some ideas for the apparent construction or conjuring of objects through the use of time travel.

or something like that.

First and foremost, probably the best source of information concerning time travel will come from the "Back To The Future" trilogy. I do have some issues, but never the less, good movies, interesting theory.

Remember, you must think Fourth dimensionally.

Wait, then again I may have an answer.

If infact the universe splits into a new timeline at the point of interaction (ie, the first time the time traveler does something in arrived at time, could be as little as breathing )  There would then be two timelines, the original which continues on, but is inaccessible from the secondary or splinter timeline, so your grandfather would still exist in that timeline in order for you to kill him in the splinter. This is the most reasonable method of paradox prevention.

So, If we mess around with time travel we will be creating multiple "universes" to exploit. um. well then again that be bad.

However, on to something more useful. lets create some rubber balls.

I had an idea, what if you wanted to juggle but did not have 3 rubber balls, you only had 1? well with time travel, that is easy. 

First one would stick the rubber ball into a jar. anything really, jump x number of hours / minutes into the future (after you are done juggling) and retrieve the rubber ball from the jar 

Second place the "new" ball into the jar (there will now be 2)

Third jump one minute (just to avoid yourself) past the time you last jumped and retrieve the only ball in the jar

You can now retrieve the balls from the jar (2 of them) and start juggling.

You must remember to place those back in the jar when you are done and scheduled to appear. 

BUT WAIT. does it matter? if you were to not place the three balls back in the jar, what would happen? would the universe blow up and kill everybody? or had a third  (and second, possibly even two more) timeline been created,  in one of which all three balls infact exist as separate entities not tied to each other and if so, how? 

Ig so what does this mean? 

I originally thought up the concept of jumping around in time to gather information without actually looking for it. consider this,  I search in a book for a passage, write it down on a piece of paper, go back in time hand it to myself, then go back to my present time, and take out the piece of paper that had in my pocket. depending on the nature of the universe, I may or may not have actually read the book. and may not have actually have the note in my pocket.

ok it is confusing.

But this does raise a point (theologically, technological, logistical)  if this is possible. What is the point? technologically it may be possible but what kind of power would you need (1.21 gigawatts?) to create each alternate timeline?(a universe in its own right), Logistically there is no point because the tendency for things to get out of hand. and Theologically, more then one of each person? how does that work?


I don’t think time travel is possible. not even probable. I know that if I could come back and say that it is possible within my lifetime, I already would have heard from myself. or something. maybe not paying attention, that strange green glow coming from behind my monitor might be a message, or a leftover sandwich.

Time travel relies on multidimensional physics. Even though people will claim that we live in a 3 dimensional world, I say they are nuts. Why have any?

But, as a side note, once heard scientists were planning on a hyper drive that would push an object into an alternate dimension for a while to travel great distances. did not hear much about it after that. But they were serious. I think.

all that is left is to hunt the time traveling ducks I guess

Things I should never do.

I feel sick.

Today I have done far to many things I should not do.

I got up before before noon with less then 6 hours of sleep.
Went to a meeting that lasted for well over 10 hours
Argued with far to many people.
Have been committed to far too many things.
Got slightly annoyed at a little kid.
Went to Staples and Canadian Tire, Without money.
Watched a documentry about the rise and fall of enron.
Ate a total of 2 pancakes and 2 pizza pops
Consumed over 6 cups of coffee, one glass of coke and a rootbeer.
Checked my Hotmail account to prevent it from being expired.

igs, mabe it was the pizza pops

French Erotic Film

I recently came accross something that I had not known had grown to such a phenomenon. I had seen bits and peices over the years but I had not realized what it was or the significance of it.

I am talking about animutation.

here, you need to see this first.

Now, If you have recovered, I will tell you the amazing journy I took to find this, and where you can find more. 9 out of 10 sociopaths agree.

It started as all things do, searching for Monty Python videos, Which lead to Ultimate Showdown, Intrigued I looked for more works from the author. Google Ultimate Showdown -> Lyrics -> Google Lemon Demon -> -> I’ve Got Some Falling to Do -> Site Homepage -> TmsT Animations

Watch them all.

Note that the animatior of TmsT is not the one who did "Ultimate Showdown" nor is all TmsT animations music videos for Lemon Demon.

Apon seeing all these, I had to know more so I wandered over to

Very interesting.

Here are a few sites for your viewing plesure.

I have more videos to watch so, until next time, have a blt.

Trojans to be proud of

Its not every day that you comes apon something that makes you stand back and say wow. 

For me one such day was the day I realized I had a trojan.

It was an awesome trojan. I mean in the great words of that guy from futurama it was "Awesome, Awesome to the max". I don’t really know much about the trojan, where I got it, who wrote it, what it did, but I think the story really goes back to sometime around the time I installed Xfire.

My computer really did not seem to work very well after I installed Xfire, WOW would sometimes refuse to run, Internet explorer would fail to load pages, and  winamp would crash for no real reason. After a reboot the computer would behave for a while, but sometimes I even had to reboot my router. It took some time for me to even think about what was happening, but I first noticed something weird while looking at the connections through my router.  There seemed to be an abnormal number of connections originating from my main computer, which, at the time, should not be running anything connecting to the internet. 

Once I realized that my computer was being overloaded with connections (a computer can handle only so many) I downloaded a program called TCPView from SysInternals. I noticed Immediatly a program, winlogon.exe (i think), attempting to connect to a series of addresses that I probably did not want it to connect to. My virus scanner (avg free) did not seem to notice. I was on my own.  Browsing with explorer to the location of the program I attempted to delete the program, of course I could not while it was running. Wandering over to the task manager I attempted to shutdown the offending program only to be informed I did not have permissions. Only one thing to do. From Sysinternals again I downloaded process explorer. Shutting down the program I re-attempted deleting the file from my computer. I had somehow managed to start again. For some reason I felt the need to ignore that. Funny that. I wrote a small batch file that did nothing but loop forever attempting to delete the file, the hope was that during the brief period of time the trojan was not running it could be deleted preventing it from being executed again. The plan worked. I deleted the trogan and quickly forgot about it.

It never really occured to me, or I ignored that there was something running, somewhere, that was starting the program over and over again. Still not sure what it was.

My computer from that point operated much better.


One day

I could not extract zip files.

This was confusing, but soon the day came so that I could not run the task manager.

I ignored it, why shouldn’t I? I mean since when does everthing work perfectly all the time?

But, then I could not run the command prompt, mmc regedit, or the services applet.

This was getting interesting.

This trojan seemed different, I could not find it using tcpview. Searching through the processes listed in process explorer I noticed that a couple of programs pretending to be windows components did not have a company associated with them, they should say Microsoft something or another. Attempting to repeat the trick i performed earlier to delete the trojan I was shutdown when I found I could not run CMD or execute anything with Finding a backup copy of CMD I was dismayed to note that even though I could shut down the program briefly I was getting access denied errors deleting the files. Fortunatly I had a backup copy of regedit running around and was able to find the program in the registry and remove it from the list of services. After rebooting the machine I noted that the program was no longer running, but could not delete. I turned my attention back to my windows components I could no longer access. I really could not access them. I mean totaly. I could not delete them, rename them, or even view the properties of them, although they had the same date and size of  authentic windows files, they were not behaving normally. I attempted to use the Windows replace system file checker thingy only to have it crash on startup requiring me to revert to last known good configuration. I could not fix the problem.

At this point I decided to reinstall windows, but during the bazzilion time I tried reinstalling windows I could not install windows, getting an access denied error. I tried many things, disabling hardware, software, deleting files and such. But to no avail.

I finaly had to format and reinstall from scratch.

This was a nice trojan. it was awesome. I wish I wrote it.

I did find out something I did not know about XP home though. There is an administrator user. And for 99.96% of the populance out there this "super duper user" does not have a password. The Owner user is not  the be all and end all of administrator, the real administrator can lock the owner out of things, which I am wondering is what happened, of course I will never know.

A Sisters Wedding

So, Another sister has been married off. The few days before  was a flury of activity preparing. The day itself was a blur of people from all over the known universe wandering around. As a result I took over 300 pictures, silly me should not be allowed a camera.

I have put some of the more interesting picutes here , since there are so many I hae placed thumbs. you possibly hopefully can click on them for some what possibly larger pictures. 

All pictures have been squished to save bandwidth




There was a lot of things we had to decorate, setup and clean.


Lots of people came and went, said hello, good luck have fun etc.


Cameras were flashing left and right.


Babies were passed around.

oh, and there was a wedding.

And in the end, I discovered I cannot take good pictures. I blame it on the camera.