More junk email

I recieved this email in my hotmail acount

From :  <>
Sent :  November 29, 2006 2:33:43 PM
To :  "EmileebeatrizCash" <myemailaddress>
Subject :  RE:myemailaddress:pier
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By the way it is not me that found you , but the other way around and I am having trouble with my email . I tried to get in yesterday with no luck so can you msn messneger me  i am  Another misconception yis that i am not fun . Wrong, I don't know where you got that idea from i love having fun , with hot guys like you                                  Wed, 29 Nov 2006 19:33:43 -0100 2006 11 29 19 33 43  nanGinaTeresaegwxx   ljagkeoen poh ocuguaso oosiqqb hhe mocapa huafusbot uvcyxvojr kiecuc yxgqoape dajesux lxyrs ehegun vabtaow x xasiyuqi xiqamfif qopvimez   iopiehas omudll obsyjbmo d ihunqioqa fyrvezh uwyx ofa  begire iteyedaty wasusogyq oftpdmy csyfytyco gpvieiva tbynaivec oyrkuauub oxaqifari ew kiqukul jynheo mu kalyzifa nobvyxrho etdyoeweq wkavyy vcnaniso ylx byvugo laoxieoxe qoxpyxiwk wapv punygy aojtuysuq yn  teheuyhxi afdab fojjekhen ytytua wtitjr gtukyummi diiceqkob ra jucock iiqkox voeg mijn even toe groetjes daniel hogewoning  _________________________________________________________________ Bewaar alles met de gigantische opslagruimte van Live Mail: 2 GB!   si tu es chude tu peux me contacter  _________________________________________________________________ Découvrez le blog Eragon sur Windows Live Spaces!   

I get a lot of weird email like this, I am not really sure what the point is. seems interesting that the email address in the email, and the reply to address are different, also that there is garbage in the email. Also the email was sent from germany. I have always wondered what would happen if I did what it says. If I add this girl (?) to my msn and What would be the point.

Spam is so fun.

And thats why my shoes don’t fit

Albeit a bit odd, the sky was ripe that day as we were wandering down the road to no-where. 


The question was directed at no-one in particular and as such no-one answered. "Yes, Apples, Everywhere."

That was the end of the conversation. Like a bad spy movie the secret phrase had been uttered, the business was done and everyone was free to go. And go they went.

We did not usually take this road, but since we don’t usually wander to no-where, there was no mystery why. The road itself was an old dirt trail really. Lack of use and maintenance had caused it to dwindle to two ruts wandering into the distance.

A sign appeared: "No-where 10 km"

We were getting close. 

The sun bore down on us as we trudged onward. There was no vehicle, apparently we traded it for some apples. Why no-one was in charge was anyone’s guess. I would have thought anyone-else could have done a better job. 

It was hot out. Above zero was all I knew, left my thermometer in the car. But if the local fauna was any indication with their spontaneous combustion, it was hot, very hot. It kept the walk interesting, although blazing moose stampeding at you lowered the level from interesting to something I would rather see on TV. And speaking of TVs I wasn’t sure why we had that TV in tow, seemed kinda silly.

It seemed like forever before we saw the sign: "Welcome to No-where population Z"

I was not sure what the Z meant, but I really didn’t want to ask. Wasn’t sure why we were here, but I followed the rest to the town square smack dab in the middle of town.

The town square was in fact square, perfectly, If I had my tape measure I had left in the car I would have measured, but there really was no need. In the middle of the town square the was a fountain, minus the water, seems like it had been dry for some time. Inside the fountain was a statue of a man on a horse, I think they had ordered it from sears. 259.98 if I am not mistaken. Near the fountain was a number of information plagues, on one was a map of the town with a large dot labeled "middle of No-where" with a you are here arrow. Someone was having fun.

The place looked deserted as we set up beside the fountain. We hadn’t seen a soul since we entered town. They all seemed to be standing just outside town limits, but that could have been invading forces, we ignored them.

It was my job to sit and watch them, thats what they said, pretty sure they just wanted me out of the way. No Idea why, probably could have set up at least one of those doohickeys. Didn’t look that complicated.

Oh well, soak up the sun.

I woke later with a sun burn and three crazy people standing over me. One was poking me with a stick. They had finished setting up and were ready to start. Now I knew why I was there. Standing off to one side was a bicycle attached to a generator. Apparently I was their source of power. Hopefully not their only one.

I got on the bike and peddled.

I still have a cold.

I still have a cold.

My head does not hurt as much!

But my brain is still fuzzy, Thinking is hard.

I cough lots, my voice has changed is lower. is weird.

I have lots and lots of medication. most tastes really bad.

We shall see, but I am going to assume it is going to kill me.

Stupid colds and flus and stuff, I don’t like them. they are anoying.

Answering Machine

I have an answering machine. It is black. It blinks, It is full.

It is an amusing answering machine, I usually don’t check it. Sorry if you are in the habit of leaving messages. The one thing I liked about it is that it would pick up at the fourth ring, so they could not just let it ring forever. However now that my answering machine is full, people are in the habit of leaving it ring for what seems like hours. I will have to clear the messages.

This is the highest number of messages we have ever had. 62. Its a fairly high number, But I am thinking that if we somehow managed to convince everyone to hangup right after the tone, we could get even more messages. We are going for a record here. Soon when I am energetic I will listen to all 62 messages (or at least let them play) and then start the count again.

we shall see.

Just call him Jay, thats how he walks

Cars all skidding, now broken fenders.
Not caused, by last nights benders.

A silly man, we call him Jay.
Crossed the street, then looked both ways.

He likes to walk, as his name implies.
Across the street, for a plate of fries.

No crosswalks, or lights that may exist
It takes too much time,  he always insists.

One these days, he be run over.
By an import, or a rover.

But until that day, finally comes.
Causing accidents, is too much fun.

Casino Royale

Ok. Drop everything find a movie theater and camp out in the cinema Casino Royale is playing in. 

I mean it, go now.

This is the best bond movie I have ever seen. Ever. I mean really, it was not a bond movie, the only similarity between this movie and bond movies were the characters names.

It is based on the first novel detailing the beginning of James Bond’s career. So, sort of a prequel or I have heard it described as the "Batman Begins" (<- is that correct?) of Bond movies.

No silly gadgets that make you want to throw things at the screen, No romantic conquests that left you wondering what was the point of that? Simple straight up action, followed by suspense and intrigue, ooh big words. 

In short this was a great movie. see it now. or yeah whatever, wait for the DVD sure.  But it breaks from the tradition of other bonds and threatens to pave the way for more exciting adventures. I for one hope that this movie will be an indication of what is to follow.


The oceans fire, and waves above.
Daylight fleeting, like a single dove.

The land weeps, and prepares for war.
The universe, as is no more.

Clouds black, as chunks of coal.
Reflected back, their darkened soul.

Drums of war, heard around the globe.
Fires from camps, begin to strobe.

Darkened mass, of evil rise.
Blanking out, the starlit skies.

Eerie glow, from reddish flames.
Around the table, assigning blames.

Lightning flash, and thunder roar.
In their hearts, a hole bore.

Armies clash, but its to late.
All they have, is their own fate.

ode to ma code

I have a code, ith rather great.
If ith was worth, i’d be irate.

My head hurth, ih may explode.
My thoat is thore, my halls I hold.

Chicken thoup, is my besth friend.
I lie around, for this to end.

I anthwer not, my door or phone.
Bu tha no end, juth pothphone.

I canno think, I canno breath.
I canno ea, or thteap my leave.

I thake my lozenge, and my pillth.
I have thaken, more then my fillth.

I’ve run out, of things I need.
I go tho thtore tho get thome feed.

I thpread my plague, like ratth of ode.
If your lucky, you will get my code

100th Blog Spectacular


Yay hurray and a bottle of coke.

Welcome to the 100th Blog spectacular

If you are expecting something spectacular, you may (will) be disappointed.

It started out as a feeble dream, I have this stupid website I never update, if only I could do something with it. I looked at the universe and noticed as I so often did before, There are a lot of bloggers out there. But, I did nothing. I did not want to just use some random piece of software to do this, I could not just join someone else, I had to write my own. And So I did. Many years later when I was more energetic.

At first the posts were few, and boring. With no method of looking back at the few and boring. Poor us. But things changed, you could look back at the few and boring. Someday, that may even become easier, If I get less lazy.

I will now post a few of the highlights.
Finally some recognition – Where one of my sisters thought I was crazy, Go Me!!!
This space left intentionally blank – Where I was very bored
Pictures – Apparently I have a niece, when did this happen?
My Sandwich – A nice sandwich, have you had one lately?
A Sisters Wedding  – Another sister gets hitched, I am running out.
My results to some sorta quiz, poor me – Apparently I would not make a good Star Trek character
An Ode To Fleed – My sister decides to go to college
And Now, with more cheese!!!! – I decided to confuse people
Better Baking Through Hypnosis – I introduce people to the secrets of fine dining
Tylenol VS My Headache.  – I write a poem about my headache. Not the last time I have done something similar.
Purpley Orangely  – The start of a phenomenon. Really is it that bad? I never get an answer.
Beauty and the Mass Media – I try to be serious
Pizza Pops, Chocolate Cheese Cake and a Small Rodent. – I think huh would be appropriate
Something Slightly Less Non-sensible – It was I was sure of it
Coffee – coffee
Confusion in 6 parts. Part 1. – not that confusing, considering
Dust Bunnies – I don’t care, I liked it

And with 82 other entries just as boring or worse, I encourage you to ignore them all. and hope fervently like the rest of us that things will get better. This rut of non-sensical rambling will not take hold for much longer, maybe just maybe something will make some sense.

um. lol