Bun topped with ketchup.
A squirt of mustard.
A thick patty follows.
Melting a slice of cheese.
A grilled bun on top.

Tantalizing aroma.
Fills the room.
Making me hungry.

I want one.

Blackened Skies

The Blackened skies, with spots of light.
Were half covered, by clouds that night.

The moon was full, but covered too.
It looked as if, a storm would brew.

It started small, with drops of rain.
Hitting gently, my window pane.

When Lightning flash, and thunder roar.
A gentle rain, this was no more.

The clouds were ripped, by shards of glass.
The rain increased, upon the grass.

The placate wind, increased two fold.
The air temp dropped, it was now cold.

I peeked outside, upon the show.
Despite the storm, I had to go.

The street was long, I had to walk
Despite the fact, it was one block.

But when I reached, my short term goal.
The store was closed, It took a toll.

I then stared back, the street I came.
I mumbled things, I cannot name.

Slowly started, the walk back home.
Really wished, I lived in Rome.


My advice

If your nose is turning blue. Contact me I’ll tell you what to do.

If you never seen a cow, Phone me I’ll tell you how.

If you aren’t informed on snow, Ring me up I’ll let you know.

If your ears are feeling funny, Chances are that  they are runny

If a frog can make you cry. Contact me I’ll tell you why.

If the bus is sort of scary, most likely its really hairy

If the pond is full of scum, then take it out and chew like gum.

That and more is my advice, yours for only a very small price.

Yay, wrote that in what grade? There is a diagram of the seating arrangement on the bus. but tells me nothing except we cannot spell. We being Alison and I. I think. is a 96-97 – calendar note book thingy from pool.


A triscuit,  A tasket.
A Green and yellow basket.

I bought a package of cream cheese.
And with the crackers ate it.

I ate it, I ate it.
With the crackers ate it.

And now it is quite empty.
I will have to go restock it.

Today I ate a snail

My sister felt it was a great idea to give me escargot for Christmas. So, today I cooked them. I did, I have to admit they are not as bad as I would have suspected, but in the can they still smelled rather horrible, like the dam back home. They smelled like snails. My mother wanted to know how I knew what snails smelled like.

Well anyways. The sauce that my sister also gave me was pretty much all you taste with some very weird textured meaty substance.

Don’t recommend.

But thank you Alison for the snails.

Even though you could not eat one yourself.

Tis the Season

Once again I have managed to somehow make a fool of myself.
It is so easy. it should not be a surprise. but somehow it is.
Is loads of fun, well not really, But I can pretend can I not?

So, Today Is Christmas.
Right now

1:02 AM

I should go to bed.

Just felt you should know that fools can be made anyday, anytime, anywhere.

I vibrated my cat

"I do not have a cat"
I told the man at the desk.
"Really? Then what is that?"
He snarled and looked grotesque.

"I dont know what you mean"
I stood up from my seat. 
"Why that cat I just seen"
He pointed at my feet. 

"I do not see a thing"
I shrugged and looked around
"You know Martin Luther King?"
He thought this was profound

"Are you trying to distract?"
I asked through clenched teeth.
"I like to be abstract"
he lifted papers to look beneath

"I came here to buy some paint"
I pointed to the wall.
"The colours here are quaint"
He motioned me down the hall.

"is the paint mixer over here?"
I asked with some alarm
"its the noise you can hear"
he said and took my arm.

"I think I found your cat"
I motioned at the device.
"I don’t have a cat"
He had to look there twice.

"Thats one well shook kitty"
I said with some awe.
"oh, that was really witty"
He freed the feline’s paw.

"I think I must be going"
I grabbed the cat and ran
"he robbed without us knowing?"
he finally saw the plan.

Cheese burgers and fries

I had some money the other day.
And had to spend it right away.

I saw this fast food joint was near.
I spent my money there I fear.

I bought a cheesebuger, fries and Coke.
It cost so much money I now am broke.

I carried my tray, to a table near by.
Scarfed them all down, except for a fry.

I was on a diet, then you see.
One fry less, then prevoiusly.