Death to all Food

Death to all spaghetti, meatballs and cheese.
Death to all vegetables, even corn and green peas.

Death to all pop, both soda and not.
Death to all sandwiches, cold ones and hot.

Death to all pretzels, gummies and chips.
Death to all Chocolate, nougats and dips.

Death to all soup, chilies and stews.
Death to all tea, coffee and booze.

Death to all pizza, chicken and noodles.
Death to all roasts, cookies and poodles.

Death to all bars, cakes and all pies.
Death to all donuts, burgers and fries.

Death to all salads, granola and juice.
Death to all vitamins, and all the produce.

Death to all bread, both white and whole wheat.
Death to all pork, beef and all meat.

Death to all tofu, nuts and all beans.
Death to all grapes, oranges and greens.

Death to all fruits, dairy and grains.
Death to all eggs, with ill gotten gains.

Death to all drinks, snacks and all food.
Whether its fresh, canned, boiled or stewed.

Movie Mania

Friday I called sasktel and requested movie mania. 

Up until then I had been renting movies on max front row for 4-5 dollars a day. so I am hoping by this extra 20 a month I will save a few dollars. ha. that will only work if Movie Central has movies I want to see.

Anyways. I have watched 4 movies today?

Nanny McPhee, Annoying movie. I mean it IS watchable, but it seemed like it was trying to hard or something. It also did not help that the same person who wrote the sreenplay played Nanny McPhee, if I remember. It claims to be the next Marry Poppins, they lie.

Hatley High, Awesome movie, go watch now, before you finish this sentance. NOW.

X-Men 3, Not bad, but have seen it before.

Ultraviolet, One of the stupidest movies out there, the CGI sucks, the story sucks. The acting sucks. maybe I am harsh, but oly watch if you are bored. which apparently I was.

I was going to watch the movies on Movie Central On Demand in alphabetic order, but there are some stupid movies up there. maybe will try again later.

Also have you noticed where most if not all "Science Fiction" "Crime Drama" TV shows have the first episode recruiting a law enforcement officer who knows too much. It is annoying and predictable. I don’t think the XFiles did, however there was a new partner involved. They also have stupid names for things. yep. stupid tv shows.


I fixed my dishwasher.


or well. more accurately I found out what was wrong and patched it with an elastic band. Apparently a very small piece of plastic broke and will no longer activate the switch on the door. so, simple fix with new piece of plastic. but am to lazy for that.

however back to washing dishes the old fashioned way. in the dishwasher.


I like transformers. They are just, so, neat.

A bit inefficient, if one were to ask me. No-one ever does. I mean who would ever come up to me and ask, "What do you think about the efficiency of transformers?" Its just simply not done. Even if the question needs to be asked.

I really can’t claim to know much about about transformers, just what I remember from my childhood. And what I have read.

I was just thinking about them cause there are a couple hanging out around our office building all the time.

They are green.

Kinda cool, yep. cool.

My poem #2

In a mood, disturb at own risk.
I smiled at that, took a sip of my brisk.

I wondered what would happen, If i were to click.
Would my head be removed? or hit with a brick?

Would I be hung upside down, by my toes in shame?
Would mistakes be made, and I put to blame?

Would I be yelled at, or possibly ignored.
Or told a long story, of which I get bored.

Not knowing the consequence, of the actions I make.
I’ll just have to go, and make a mistake.

My poem not yours

I wrote this poem, because I needed one.
Its super outstanding, and maybe its fun.

I was told to write, something they said.
Just so we know, that you are not dead.

So here is my poem, full of wit and of charm.
And all that will read, I am sure will disarm.

I’m here at the office, unlike the rest.
who are lazy at home, and not getting stressed.

Building computers, and breaking them too.
When at the office, is all that I do.

Or sitting around, pretending to be busy.
Writing strange poems, about me being dizzy.

When the day is over, I get to go home.
I’ll play some warcraft, in which I’m a gnome.

Or watch tv, the heroes season finale.
I hope around Peter, the heroes will rally.

I could watch a movie, rent one or four.
five dollars on max, only one at the store.

I could do some work, how boring is that?
I think I would rather, watch some combat.

Then at sometime, late in the night.
To bed I would go, after its light.

Ocean Life

The fish were all swimming, late for their school
The dolphins were jumping, for fish at the pool.

The turtles were open, for business at noon.
The tortoise complained, that was too soon.

The crabs were all crabby, stuck in the traps.
The lobsters were waiting, for their escape perhaps.

The sharks were watching, a tv the sailors had brought.
The eels all danced, with the seaweed they caught.

An elephant was floundering, lost it would seem.
And I was there sleeping, lost in a dream.



I have a headache, plus I’m feeling rather dizzy.
I need a break, and a drink or two that’s fizzy.

I am feeling tired, was going to rest but then forgot.
I need some sleep, but my clock says I cannot.

My eyes are blurry, and my fingers kind of numb.
Should probably watch a movie, do something that is fun.

You know what? screw it all.

I’m going to sleep, let the phone ring off the hook.
I’ll ignore my email, heck, I won’t even look.

I’ll watch a movie, maybe rent a full dozen.
Take a trip, maybe like those of my cousin.

I’ll not go to work, I’ll relax every day.
Then all my stress, will just fade away.

ah, who am I kidding? I’ll be in at ten.