A few hundred reasons to hate Airlink 101

It may surprise you to know that the cheapest hardware rarely is the best. This my go against ones common senses as we assume that there is an inverse relationship between the price and the quality. I am here to tell you that this is not the case. 

Where I work we sometimes need to buy hardware. The hardware we purchase can range from access points, motherboards, switches, laptops, usb flash drives or pretty much anything else that exists. But we tend to go for the cheapest. And we never ever ever ever have a piece of equiptment without problems. Well, ok. maybe I should say we rarely have no problems. 

Today I am going to rant about Airlink 101. They are a relatively new company (visibility wise) on the market and, if one were to look at price lists, one of the cheapest. I don’t like them. Really Really Really don’t.

At the office we had purchased  two identical routers, out of the box one of these routers simply never did anything, the other one functioned as it was indended. This was a bit of an abnormality, it is possible that we just somehow aquired a lemon. but don’t they do some verson of testing? I mean out of the box with default settings they should work. This one didn’t. fortuneatly we have not purchased anymore (that I know of)

More recently we have gotten into the habit of using Airlink 101 ap421w multifunction devices. As simple APs we have varied amount of success. At one location they simply and randomly disapear until the device themselves are rebooted. At another site the devices sometimes disapear and we have to reboot the switch that they are attached too. But at another site, things are working just fine. We can look at the sites and ask ourselves what are the differences? we may come up with evironmental, electrical interferance or simple power outages and brownounts. maybe these could be the culprits.

Last week we were asked to configure a set of these so that we had one access point broadcasting as an access point, and two other to pick up this signal and rebroadcast it. In this configuration we could then take a laptop and connect to any three of the devices and get out. this enables us to create a wireless network without having to run cables to every AP. It worked fine at the office. Using a laptop we were able to choose which ap we wanted to connect through (this cannot be done with the built in wireless software). We shipped the APs to the site and they were set up. But no matter what was tried no-one could connect to the two APs that were rebroadcasting.

Back at the office we struggled to understand why it was working here, but not there. We broke out two more of these APs and configured them. After much confusion we finaly noticed that in fact only ONE of the computers at the office could properly connect through these devices.

Calling tech support yeiled interesting results. You don’t want to do that, do this. You must tell your APs to attach to this other devcice (which was completely unrelated), You have it set up wrong, You are using the wrong addresses, I don’t know I will refur you to someone higher up. At the office we never got a call back. However the boss after complaining to tech support that he had purchased a lot of these, and that none of them were working  was finaly put in contact with someone who suggested a firmware upgrade. 

Firmware upgrades are normally usefull as they generally have fixes and new features. But what was interesting as this firmware, although over a year old, did not exist on the website as a download. we were emailed it. Upon instalation of said firmware, things got even weirder. At the office the devices responded much slower, it took forever to boot up and even longer for the APs to connect to eachother. On site however, nothing worked. they did not boot up properly and unless you reset the settings to factory defaults you could not talk to them at all. however I am assuming human error at that point.

Here at the office a few of the computers that could not connect now could (notice I said a few). But on site, nothing useful was happening.

The point I am trying to make is these devices, and possibly the company, should be avoided. They may be the cheapest in cost, but from our experience they are also lacking in quality. If only we can get that into our heads and stop using them. this little episode may do that. 

But I should also mention that these are wireless devices. Wireless devices are evil. These perticular ones are using an Atheros chipset which is manufactured by a third party company. (Sort of like MSI building GeForce Video cards.) The Atheros chipset (or a similar one) was also found in another brand of APs that we seem to like using. These APs are not the cheapest on the market but had some additional security features that we wanted at the time. But we experienced similar problems with. 

In addition to the afformentioned problems with the aps we were having trouble configuring them on the console, (text based configuration mode) and were completely unable to access them from outside the network (it is my opinion they don’t know what a gateway is).

If one were to look up the AP there are two reviews. Both of them saying they don’t work properly. I am not surprised

Yeah. avoid them whenever possible. I think anyway.

Doomsday device

So, maybe I should just take a degree in physics. Develop a doomsday device and then hold the school hostage then have them give me degrees in whatever I want. Or just hold the world hostage and become a quadrillions, or world leader. or maybe do something less evil and develop multidimensional traveling or time travel then travel back in time and then orchestrate my honorary degrees from the past. or possibly some super secretive society of world dominationalizm. Or possibly I will flunk out the first year and be told never to ever ever ever return unless I become a millionaire in which case they will give me an honorary degree in whatever I want except economics. or possibly I am going about this all wrong and become a short order cook for some millionaire and pump him full of drugs and plant subliminal messages into him so he leaves me all his money. what do I want money for? So. maybe I should just be a student for the rest of my life. I have always liked the school environment,not that I know what the environment and no university is like. I was trying to look at the courses I have to take and put them on a weekly schedule thingy and its kinda hard because some of the courses seem not to exist and others say you can’t do that unless you have approval or an engineering student., both of which I have none. wow. I really should become and English major. Why not? sometimes if I stop to think about it I actually can follow the rules of the language. Not that I would want to or anything. rules are silly. who invents rules for language? or anything else for that matter. never been to enthusiastic about the rules of thermal dynamics or laws as they call them. apparently there are more strict on enforcing them and people will actually come knocking on your door if you violate them. becarefull who you tell. they always seem to know. My car ran out of batter power this morning. seeing as my sentence made no sense I decided to change the subject. so it was boosted. lights. on. were. left. phew got that out without too much trouble. the new beverages I mentioned earlier are called "boylan" or that is the company or whatever. they sweeten all their drinks with "pure cane sugar" the rootbeer is also disgusting. two down half dozen to go. but I was thinking. what is the point of a degree, or even an honours degree. not that I am not going to get one, but just wondering. do you get any letters behind your name? and if not why? I could go for a doctorate and confuse everyone including my bank manager. who seems to think I don’t have any money. which possibly is true. couldn’t tell you it is always empty. which would sorta makes sense if. had. no. money. oh well. anyways. but physicists are weird creatures and as such are strange. 5 years is a long time to goto school but more is even more. or so I have heard. I don’t seem to remember why. something to do with math. who invented those "rules" my rules are much more simple and clearly defined. I just have yet to define them as such but when they are they will be. The arts building is very weird. I took the elevator to the second floor, much to the amusement of the other people in the car, do they call them cars? there is also stairs and this nice little ramp in the middle of the building. I found the bookstore. not where I want it to be. would you please move it? I would appreciate it. thanks. apparently physics labs are 3 hours long and computer science labs are 4. I am confused as to how I feel about that. or anything related at the moment. oogs. was All I could really say. there is this directory at the ibase ftp that we are trying to download. it is taking forever. not that the transfer is slow but that the ftp client seems to feel the need to disconnect ever few files transfered. I cannot blame this on the client or the server at the point but on the protocol as it appears to be messed up. It however is the reason I almost wrote my own ftp client. also this is why you should never (ever) download groups of files at once. much better success downloading one big file vs a bunch of small ones. I am waiting once again for many things. people, time and chocolate. the later can be ignored, and I will not be too concerned if I never get it. I got my cd rom in the mail. an actual drive not a disk. it is small and may fit where I need it to. but I have to ask the question. is this device fcc and or csa or whatever the Canadian certification placamajig is certified? that for some reason was my first thought when I opened it. It seems to work and I used it to read the driver cd that came with it. which is actually amusing, but I guess the driver cd is for computers like 98 that don’t have them built in. but how do you get the drivers to the computer? oh yeah. forgot. well there are ways. But I cannot use the cd rom. I wanted a dvd rom. so I will buy a new one. also I am waiting on 2Gigs of ram. when it will arive i do not know. how much are peaches? I once purchased a peach. I prefer nectarines as they are an unholy combination of peach and plum. plus they don’t have fuzz. fuzzy peaches are not fuzzy. just for the record. I saw many a candy machine at the university. I am thinking they could probably drop the price of admission (which I have yet to look at) and operate on the revenue from those machines. just a thought you capitalist pigs. Also lots of peoples just doing nothing which is interesting. that is what I intend to do. nothing. unless I have to in which case I may have to come up with a new strategy.  oh well. and further is the stressedeness by me having to think about moving. but again I don’t know where to or how. I have lots of stuff. but if I am having a little sister in the city, maybe it is a good time to find a bigger place. but monies are evil. I have done some looking, and even if I were to buy a house and rent it out It would still cost me more money because I would have a mortgage + taxes, which would be more then whatever I am getting in revenue. this really really really sucks. but you cant really jack the prices. thats just plain wrong. so buy a house in the "bad" part of town and it seems to work nicer. and If I have to move can I still walk to work and university? or will I have to do public or not so public transportation? ooooogs.  oh well.  I think I like my doomsday device best. lets do that before university then it all would be unnecessary. yes. one doomsday device coming up.

Stolen Blog Entries

Because this one has nothing to do with music, I can actually do it. yay! Stolen from insanitycase, who got it from someone else. thats all I know.

I AM: Me.
I WANT: Time.
I HATE: lots of things. most things really.
I MISS: School.
I FEAR: Fear.
I HEAR: Simpsons. Old episode season one. don’t really like this episode.
I REGRET: everything.
I AM NOT: Vorgonian.
I DANCE: like I am in a straitjacket.
I SING: weird songs I don’t know to tunes I don’t know, unless people are around.
I CRY: NEVER, or when really sick or have lots of holes poked in me from being run over by marathon runners in cleats.
I ENJOY: blowing things up, breaking computers then blowing them up.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: at home. just usually.
I WRITE: lots of things with bad English, and software I would never be caught dead using.
I CONFUSE: people by being consistently inconsistent, then claiming it is not a contradiction.
I NEED: a coke.
I SHOULD: win the lottery so I don’t need a job.
I WONDER: why I haven’t rigged one yet.


There is this icon on my destop that when I look at it, it moves. Not really moves as in my computer draws the pixels to the left or to the right, but mentaly moves. it sort of jumps, like a button when you move your mouse over it. The weird this is that this is not the first time I saw an icon do this, but it was the same icon. This leads me to believe that this icon has gotten into my head and is causing me to go crazy.

I went to a group advisory thing at the U of S. I was told nothing I did not already know. Where to look on the website for information about cources, including the required and recomended. Plus som generic information such as make sure you have the prerequisites. I got lost on the U of S campus for this?

And got lost I did.

I found myself at the exact oposite side of the campus from where I was supposed to be. oh well. I later found I had parked just a few buildings away. I got a bit turned around I guess.

And the elevators? How old are they? 

So. I think my official advisory person will be Amanda, since she seems wiling to help and knows more then I do. going to have to map out where I want all my classes. easterbunnies.

And I am trying very hard to get fired. Well. not intentionaly. but maybe that will happen.

AND I just heard that my appartments may be turned into condos. hope not, means I have to move ahead of schedule.

I need to find a place to put all my stuff.


Shoppers has new beverages. forget the name but the "cane cola" is evil and should be avoided. will try the rootbeer and cream soda sometime, but won’t be tommorrow. 


I am sorry but we are out of management at the moment, please check back next week as we are expecting another shipment at that time.

Nervous Breakdown Dude: Part 2, questions of requirements.

So. I talked to someone.


For a few hours.

University freaks me out. it does. I mean, it is a scary place, lots of people, lots of requirements, responsibilies, chocolate, and I may actualy need to do some work. I hope not. I have already commited to a 100% in some silly english class.

I told a friend of mine I met on the street that I had been accepted and was planning on taking physics. He seemed to think it was one of the harder courses. He is currently taking engineering. 

However because of my talk with Amanda, I was able to call up the university without too much damage to the universe and request an appointment for advising. apparently they do that in groups too, because I have a group meeting on thursday at 1:30. I will have to find the building and room. more things to worry about.

It was also decided that I may attempt to aim for a double degree thingy with Computer Science. or Mathamatics, or psycology or electrical engineering, or culinary arts or botany. Something. I probably should figure out what the actual term is so I don’t call it a double degree thingy.

and apparently my spelling has not approved.

but if can’t understand what I am saying, you feel free to copy and paste into word and do a spell check.

I mean it, go ahead 🙂

University, academics and cheese

So today I got this neat little letter saying that I have been accepted into the U of S Arts and Science, bachelor of Science.

Now they want me to register. I have no idea what I am doing. this could cause some problems.

However I will do that and see what blows up.

Maybe I should talk to someone. oi.

Computers, sarcan, gummie bears, and telephones

Once again I got up at 7:00. I hope this does not become a habit. its boring in the morning.

However, recently I purchased a mini computer. mini as in not big. 6 inches by 6 inches, or so they claim. have not mesured. A few years ago I had decided to build a DVD player, and seeing as I have an old DVD player that does not work and now a very small computer I decided to try and build one. I had purchased a Flash USB drive for the purpose of booting off of. I had hoped to install windows 2000 on it, but somewhere down the line I had destroyed its cpability to be booted off of. If that made any sence. So I had to purchase a hard drive. Which I did. Getting windows to run was not a huge problem. But after that I needed someplace to put the computer. IG.

The computer that I had purchased is a very small computer without any standard form factor. The motherboard was bolted to a metal frame, but upon closer inspection I found no way to bolt this metal fram to anything. stupid thing. I even destroyed an old cd-rom and cut holes for the output ports. But I had no way of creating nice shaped holes, and later found out I don’t have any screws that would even fit into few holes that do exist. I had a dremel tool, but I could really use a shop to do such stuff in, could use clamps and a place where I would not get complained at for the noice. so I purchased tin snips. NOT RECOMENDED. So I as of this moment have no way of mounting this stupid thing into my case. ig. If I had purchased a real ITX motherboard there would be mounting holes. ig

so I went to sarcan.  I removed 4 bags of cans from my appartment. I find you usually get around 5-6 dollars a bag, but since I had filled one of the bags with crushed bottles I got a total of $30.50. yay 16 cans, 161 600ml and 64 2L. yeah. I still have 4 more bags sitting around.

sarcan is fun. 

I have no idea how they can hold that many numbers in their head. I try counting like that and I usually panic and loose all the numbers. is rather anoying actually. one number at a time for me.

I bought gummie bears. they taste weird.

Everything does now adays. taste weird. they constantly chaning recipes for some reason.

and my phone has been ringing off the hook. wish it would stop.

If and when I invent the time machine, first thing. go back in time, destroy telephone, and all similar things. Paradox or no. There will be no telephones, ever. they are evil


need to mount  a computer somewhere. but how?

If only I knew

If only I knew what I was doing.
If only I knew and I cared.
If only I knew before, all this time I could have then spared.

If only I knew about pizza.
If only I knew about cheese.
If only I knew about apples, I could eat wherever I please.

If only I knew about plastic.
If only I knew about wood.
If only I knew about copper, then I’ll be like everybody should.

If only I knew about tv.
If only I knew about light.
If only I knew about computers, It would not keep me up at night.

If only I knew about easterbunnies.
If only I knew about santa.
If only I knew about the tooth fairy, I would not have moved to atlanta.

If only I knew about piano.
If only I knew about the flute.
If only I knew about the trumpet, I would then not have to be mute.

If only I knew about english.
If only I knew about jeroboam.
I would be then very certain I would not have written this poem.

Almost Normal

I had almost a normal day yesterday.

I got up at 7:00 (AM) made coffee, washed dishes and had breakfast (one egg, three strips of bacon.) Yes I had thus far what could be considered a start to a normal day. How could this happen? What strange and not so wonderful events could possibly lead to such disarray?

It all really started a few weeks ago, well, no. Really it all started years and years ago I am sure, but for the sake of time and in an attempt to not bore people I will bring it forward a few thousand days and say it all started Sunday. 

I had gotten into the habit of sleeping all day and working all night. And so far this had been working, I was capable of avoiding issues with going to work, and the phone I  would ignore unless they got me at just th right time. Sunday was no exception, I slept from sometime around noon, probably 11:30 ish and got up around 6 or 7 and then worked all night. The next morning however I was interrupted, after about an hour or two of sleep I was woken by the insistent ringing of the telephone. Sure enough I was wanted at the office. But like normal I was there to talk on the telephone, which takes about 10 minutes, but you have to wait hours before it happens. so it was well after 5 when I finally got to go home. Managing to get a few hours of sleep I then went back to work at 9ish and finally went to bed again at 2. Now the strange part of this is that I woke up at 7 AM exactly. This is annoying, but no matter what I tried I could not get back to sleep so I got up.

After breakfast I sat around, what the heck am I to do this early in the morning? Fortunately (sorta) the phone rang and I went to the office. I fixed some email problems and was once again left with nothing to do.

So I went shopping.

Do you have any idea how depressing it is after doing so much stuff and then realizing it is still isn’t noon yet? well it is. I wish I had slept in.

However I zonked out again at 2 and woke up at 8:00. 

Didn’t really do any work yesterday, how can you after getting up that early? totally messes you up. 

Then at four in the morning I went to bed only to wake up once again. at 7. AM.


so here I am looking at another messed up day. stupid days.

I like nights, much quieter, less people, darker. cooler, yeah. days are annoying.

I hope this does not become a habit. eating breakfast yesterday was hard on me. I will see if it kills me today.