Adventures in wonderland

It is now just slightly past 9 AM. I got here just slightly before 9 AM.

I am at the office waiting for money in order to go to calgary. One cannot expect me to finance this trip. Can they? I refuse. Anyways I was told that I would  get money in the morning. so here it is morning and no moneys. But knowing people, I will have to wait untill 10:00. sigh.

However How long does it take to go to calgary? I have heard lots of rumors. I persoanaly have never actually driven the whole way to calgary  (and was hoping to keep it that way) and have never timed it. but for some reason I am inclinded to believe it takes 6 hours, total. breaks and whatnot included. 6 hours.

Google says it is more like 7.

My mother thinks with breaks it is closer to 8.

I inist on driving a bit faster.

I think it rained.

A Swiftly Tilting Calgary

Maybe it will slide off the map?

I am not in calgary. sad I know, I am crying to be sure. The date has been pushed back once again to. Tomorrow! yay.

Maybe by then I will know what I am doing.

I doubt it.

there has been some "confusion" with email. something about I sent you instructions, I did not get them, there I sent them again. I still don’t have any. I sent them again. oh. you are resending me the wrong email. 

maybe there are no instructions.


There was a monkey

A monkey I saw but now it was gone.
It stood right there, upon my lawn.

I lost sight as I was standing there.
It was a shock, I could not bare.

I ran away, and when I returned.
the monkey was gone, and my lawn was all burned.

The neighbors too, had a similar sight.
Of monkeys there, but when took to flight.

And when returned, things were gone.
Burned or broke, just like my lawn.

The animal control, said we cant do much.
For the next few hours, we are out for lunch.

We tried them again, same message received.
The monkeys got to em, I then soon believed.

We sit on our porches, steps and our grass.
With automatics, shotguns and glass.

We will catch the monkeys if its the last thing we do.
And I would encourage thats what  you do to.

Fear and Loathing in Cal – Gary

I am not Johnny Dep.

Remember something about calgary, last time I was there. Such so for etc? yes. me too.


Once again they are sending me to calgary. This time however I am going alone, to redo everthing. Sigh. I can probably find my way to my multiple destinations with a map. But ig. Why exactly am I doing that.

I. Hate. Calgary.

The trip was pushed back till monday. I was hoping would be canceled, or possibly have some one else come along and act as a buffer but nope. no such luck. 

And once again I am presented with the familiar vague and not so complete instructions of what to do before, during and after.  but whatever.

this is going o be so fun.


in case you were wondering.

so  whee.

Hm. apparently she is lost in the wilderness with a jungle man. George george george of the jungle. etc cte.

there are monkeys in that movie. apes as they were. and a strange person. well a few of them.

Elder Mistvale Gorilla have gilblets. sometimes. stupid warcrack.

I need some sort of page #8. 


IIt is very hard to type on a 14 inch moniter that is 4 feet away at a very high resolution. so I have no idea if these are the right letters in the right order.

Have you seen the simpsons movie yet?

you probably should get on that.

Death to the monkeys

Death to the monkey for being too small
Death to the gorilla for being so tall

Death to the chimp for being too smart
Death to the ape as we set them apart.

Death to all monkeys big ones and small
Death to the monkeys death to them all.

If on your travels a monkey you see.
Please kill the monkey, Please kill it for me.

oh, and I almost forgot

I was going to put some simpson movie trailers on here. but. hm. just a sec.

I am a bit worried about the jokes. but. I can hope the trailers are all wrong and it will be good.

The following I found on my journey.

and so on …

Now go watch the movie

Help is on the way,

Boss Type Person:

It probably should be noted that starting September 5th of this year I will be attending classes at the university, during the next four or five years I may become difficult to reach. Following this short foray into academics I plan to move to Mexico to raise chihuahuas and distill tequila from discarded coffee beans.


See? that was easy. So why can’t I just do it for real?

Boss Type Person:

In my ongoing efforts for world domination I have decided that a different environment would suit me better. I am getting no-where to-wards my ultimate goal here, and as such have decided to explore the academic community for inspiration. During the next four to five years I will be attending classes at the university during which I hope to create a foothold in northern Europe in order to bring my plans to fruition once I graduate.


Hm. Note to self "the girl knows to much". sorry simpsons quote, could not resist. well possibly could.

Boss Type Person:

They say the best things in life are free. Well you can give them to the birds and bees. I want money. Thats all I want. But due to a lack of funding I must regrettably inform you that I will be disappearing to attend university this fall.


uh, no.

Boss Type Person:

Due to multiple felony counts and a few misdemeanors I will be doing four to five in a minimum security prison starting in September. I will be unavailable to work during this time.


That one might work.

Dearest Sabrina,

I count the seconds until we meet again. Your memory is all that sustains me. Oh why must we be separated for so long? I look not  forward to the years ahead where we will be unable to be together due to our academic ambitions. Maybe we can arrange to skip classes together. But until we are together, you will always be in my thoughts.

Yours always,

If he could somehow intercept that one, or something. nah, rather he didn’t

Person with big mouth:

I will be attending university this fall, and for many falls thereafter.


This one I prefer.

Boss Type person:

It has come to my attention that one of your employees is planning on sneaking behind your back to go to university. You should probably fire him before he infects the others. 

Me Posing As Someone Else

Hm. thats an idea

Type Personne De Patron:

J’ai été enlevé par la résistance française. J’ai appris à parler et écrire en français (bien que mon grammer est pauvre). Mais afin de confondre les gardes que j’écris en français pendant qu’elles examinent toutes les lettres anglaises. Mais je ne pourrai pas travailler pour le prochain tandis que jusqu’à ce que je sois libéré.



Boss Type Person:

I have found this great website that you should probably checkout:


Maybe I should do that as someone else like:









"…I consider myself to have a black thumb. I’m in love with
how easy the AeroGarden is. It’s totally foolproof."

Just Click here for more information 

Yeah or something.

because I am lazy

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