The marine

I watched the marine. It is a gem of a movie from the great guys at WWE.

ok. I could hardly say that with a straight face.

It was horrible.

however I have started watching all those movies I missed on the big list of movies thingy. when I have watched them all I will let you know.


In the meantime the word for the day is corroborate which was brought to you by the letter crazy baby tree monster. Which turns out to be a magic root. or something.

I think I was tagged.

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1. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
2. Tag seven people to do the same.
3. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag whoever wants to do it.

1.  I tie my shoes wrong, APPARENTLY. however due to some quirk of nature they somehow managed to reposition themselves the way I had originally tied them. Well. my right shoe anyway. I am waiting for my left to do the same. (oh I purchased new shoes)

2.  I cannot understand why people do the things they do. It is weird, I watch people doing their daily activities, which I must assume they do all the time, and wonder what in the world they are doing and why. I must also do those things wrong.

3. And since we are on the subject, I tend to not play video games the way they are supposed to. It is also weird. I would have to wonder if that makes me like them more or less.

4. I don’t like imaginary monkeys. non imaginary ones I am more or less indifferent to. at least I must assume so because I have not tried to kill any of them lately.

5.  I don’t like tagging people

6. If forced to sit in one spot for excessive amounts of time, I will either totally zone out, and at time be completely un aware of people places or things, or I will fidget the entire time, rearranging whatever small objects may be with in my grasp. most people eventually remove such objects which forces me to zone out. during which period of time I will have imaginary conversations and write great works of literature both fiction and non fiction that I am completely unable to reproduce  when I dezone.

7.  I really really really really really hate it when people comment on leftovers that may or may not exist when I eat. Comments such as people are starving in Africa are particularly annoying. If people that say such things really cared they would not be buying me food, they would be buying them food. I usually respond, "feel free to send it to them". But peoples GLUTTONY IS NOT THE ANSWER TO THE WORLDS HUNGER PROBLEMS!!!! just so you know. plus I am allergic to food so don’t buy me any.

I tag, uh lets see, Lisa, Cheryl, Alison, they might do it. need four more. who has blogs out there? Who will read this? Can I just like add random names? I don’t like tagging people. So, uh anyone who does NOT want to do this has to do it. yeah. 🙂


has my modules all grown up in size?
has my modules been eating spaghetti?
has my moudles been going out in discuise?
oh where are my modules and dare I say why?
I think they are crazy and going insanly wild.
so yeah.

In case you were as bored as I am…

Things you may not have known about me….

Four places I have lived:
1 Farm outside Lucky Lake

2 302? 32nd Street Saskatoon
3 704? 4th Avenue Saskatoon
4 201E? 906 Duchess Street Saskatoon
 Four TV shows I love to watch:
 1. Simpsons
 2. Eureka
 3. Doctor Who (2005)
 4. Kyle XY

 Four places I have been on vacation:
 1. I don’t go on vacation
 2. long ago I may have went places
 3. But not much since
 4. then
Four of my favorite foods:
 1. Coca-Cola
 2. I don’t

 3. seem to
 4. like food
 Four places I would rather be right now:
1. Sensory deprivation tank
2. Padded room
3. Bio-dome
4. Battling aliens on a far away planet

Four Friends I think will respond:
1. I am sure someone will comment
2. I imagine you will
3. won’t you?
4. well then, see?

Seven short stories about world dominiationalizm (with a zed)

I do not normally run over pedestrians.

In the grand scheme of things I think it is counter productive, but of course more study is required.

But I was thinking, world domination through the excessive use of garbage. A recent Post on Live Journal got me wondering if pollution was my solution for my world dominationalizm needs. 

The thought process was rather simple. Who wants their names attached to a planet that is considered to be a dump?  If we could convert the planet to a huge landfill I am sure the world leaders would be begging me to take over the planet so they could go find another one to live on.

Thats the plan anyways.

Of course the thought also occurred to me, would I want to live on such a planet? and would anyone else? there really is no point in world domination if there is no one left to boss around. 


I could then clean up the planet with my super duper cleaner ray I bought at walmart. But if I have one of these then would not the world leaders? Oh well. that is just one more obstacle.

But the reason (aside from being immoral, illegal, and probably messy) I don’t run over pedestrians is, even thought they are saving the environment by not driving, they are pumping bajjilians of tonnes of green house gasses into the air and adding to the landfills. So, no, running over pedestrians is counter productive.

I recently had a talk with the world leader. At least she claimed she was world leader. I have no way at this point to determine if in fact she is or not. Apparently all publication of her world dominance was made illegal. so. I might get shot for this.

But as I was saying we had a chat. 

It had been a while since we had talked, and I had expressed an interest in world domination. To this she replied I couldn’t because she already had taken over the world.

I was slightly confused at why she would tell me such a thing. It normally would make ones job easier knowing who your opponent is. would it not? So, what was going on? She must have had a plan. It seemed as if she was goading me into a confrontation of world dominationist proportions. This had me worried, so I backed down and changed the subject.

I don’t know what I should do about that. I would feel rather bad to take over the world from her. World domination is not always that pretty. bad things can happen to people on all sides.

But she is a woman. which strangely was one of the reasons the she gave that I would fail.

I have been watching a lot of family guy lately. I don’t particularly like family guy. More often then not they are boring, annoying, painful and stupid. But none the less, I have been. 

Stewie, the strange world dominaticle baby that can only be understood by normal people when it is convenient to the plot (when there is one) is often bent on world domination. This is nice but reminds me a lot of "Pinky and the Brain" and Dogbert. I do realize that a lot of the content of Family Guy is ripped off from such sources,  but I like the stewies hypno goggles. I need a pair.

Loads of armaments and nuclear weapons, although being the quickest and surest way to instill fear upon your enemies is not always the best way for world domination. Studies have shown that subtle moves such as shadow governments and covert infiltration of high level officials have a less likely chance of getting your head blown off in the process.

There is a computer game. Its called "Evil Genius" Although its interactivity is limited and what you can do eventually gets annoyingly repetitive, it still is an interesting game. The goal, I think. is world domination. I never really played that far, enemy spies would always infiltrate my base and kill everyone off. my booby traps and confusing layout did nothing to hinder their progress. I may have to break out that game to brush up on my base construction skills.

On the same or similar note, Civilization is one of the best games in the universe for world domination. What is the point of making peace with your enemies when you can just as easily blow them out of the water. however starting with civ3 I have been completely unable to play the game. I think the enemies are more aggressive. I prefer to bide my time until I can take over the universe. Alpha Centari the sequel to the game allows you to continue this on another planet. again. I suck.

Does money make it easier to take over the world? If Billions of dollars were at your disposal would it not just be simpler to buy a country to base your operations out of? or possibly just buy influential members in multiple governments around the world, create a web. But bought people really cannot be trusted. You need people that believe in what you are doing. and depending on what you are doing and why, this may be hard.

A super duper doomsday device is still the best bet. do anything I don’t like we all disappear. Mutually Assured Destruction is really all that is keeping the semblance of peace on this planet right now. Why can I not get a piece of the fear?

Computers. Computers are every were, everyone uses them, everyone has them connected to everything else they have. Computers are one of the most assured ways of gaining access to anything you want. They way the only secure computer is a disconnected computer in a safe at the bottom of the ocean surrounded by a mine field on a planet hidden in a different solar system protected by a fleet of Star Cruisers in a parallel dimension.

But, today almost everything is connected to everything. its rather amusing really. I am not saying that it is easy for someone to gain access to everything through the Internet,  but it is possible. If the concept of reprogramming programming routers switches and random computers does not phase you then go for it. 

My information on hacking techniques is rather old. But at one point in time due to security flaws on some routers that were being used on the Internet you could redirect copies of packets to a destination of your choice. Although this did not give you access, it did give you loads of information that if you were energetic could then sort through to find passwords and address for sites of interest. I am assuming that this is fixed. but what do I know. I did not know how to do it anyway.

Most security issues today are caused by carelessness (not that they don’t care). Buffer overflow in the TCP stacks for instance could cause code in memory to be over written. overwriting this information with code you want executed could then give you access to another link on the chain to-wards you destination.

The details aside. It is possible to gain control, or simply access to government files and information giving you the edge you need.

A war of information, but you would need someone smarter then me to do something useful with this information.

oh well. its just so complicated.

Problematic as a shoe.

My shoe lace came untied.

Most of you probably are wondering why this is significant or possibly wondering what drugs I am to think that this is important. You may be thinking to yourself, oh no another diatribe into the boring life that is mine. or maybe today I am going to be complaining about shoes, or laces. or possibly solar radiation.

But whatever you are thinking. it is wrong.

My shoe laces never come untied. EVER. and I mean ever. I tie them once when I first put them on right after I purchase them and from that day forth they stay tied. 

But on Tuesday I noticed my left shoe lace was untied.

This is odd. 

Why is this odd?

My right shoe, which arguably must have about the same amount of travel time as my right shoe, been to the same places and put under similar stress over its many years is still tied.

I don’t even remember at this point when I purchased these shoes. I will have to get new ones before September if only to perpetuate an image that I care about my shoes.

They say that you can tell a lot about a persons shoes. mine are falling apart. literally. there are more holes then shoe right now.

But still the question of why my left shoe would come undone before my right has bothered me. An obsession if you will. I can only imagine there is some great astrological meaning behind it all. Perhaps my left leg walks out of rhythm with my right, maybe my left unties shoes, while my right keeps them tight? Or maybe over time my shoe lace on my left foot has been exposed to radiation that has made it untiable. or possibly my right shoe lace has become un-un-tie-able.

I have tried unsuccessfully and possibly half-heartedly to tie my left shoe since this began. soon after I notice once again that my lace is untied. 

This is a mystery I may not be able to explain with conventional wisdom or technology. 

A careful examination of my right shoe indicates that even If I were to want to untie it, it would never ever ever come undone. unless I were to use scissors. 

oh be what twisted fate that has befallen my shoes? what majiks from beyond imagination hath cursed them with desymetry?