Christmas Gift

I was home all alone, snug in my den.
When suddenly I heard, the sound like a hen.

Rushing to the door, to check out the noise.
I saw flying over, a sleigh full of toys.

A package was flung, with curious precision.
Which sliced through my snowman, with a knife like incision.

I waited indoors, until the reindeer were gone.
Then ventured outside, to check out my lawn.

The packages was smoldering, as if it were on fire.
I went off in search for something, to use as a plier.

I pulled off the ribbon, which was tied in a bow.
As the paper fell off, I could see a green glow.

It was warm to the touch, and hard as a rock.
Its radioactive! I thought with a shock.

I rushed off to find, my suit lined with lead.
Better I thought, to be safer then dead.

I carried the rod, inside with great care.
to place in the reactor, I had built in my stair.

Santa had brought, what I needed most.
Now it was ready, now I could boast.

I flicked on the switch, there wasn’t a spark.
The power was flowing, It did not go dark.

For on top of my house, in spectacular array.
Was the best set of lights, ever seen Christmas day.

another of those christmasy things

I now own the Simpson, DVD box set for season 1. I know what you are thinking. Is this not dangerous? what of the health risks involved?

I assure you, based on my own experience, your heart will not explode, nor will you blatter stop blatting due to just one season of the Simpsons. Maybe three or four. Of course more study is required. I may have to buy The next few seasons to be sure.

Of course The Simpsons is not all I received. And being a greedy little boy I also was given Sugar, Glucose, Concentrated Mango Juice, Gelatin, Palm Oil, Mango flavor, Ascorbic Acid, and Colouring all nice and combined into one chewy lump. A surprising delight that can only be expressed in a sound I have yet mastered the spelling for.

While enjoying my mango chews along with more chocolate Then any "sane" person need, Wasabi flavoured green peas Smoked meat, Coca-Cola, strange cookies, cheeses and crackers. I was also given an entire New wardrobe. I don’t have to do laundry this week! in fact I could probably Just toss every thing I currently have! I would save on one weeks laundry.

Possible most Important though is the can of cranberry sauce. Little do people realize but canned cranberry sauce can be used as rocket fuel if such a need should arise. It also tastes good sliced up and served on crackers. much like cheese. Could also have it with the cheese and crackers at the same time. 

My eating habits were once again brought into question with the inclusion of hamburger helper, orange juice, spaghetti and spaghetti sauce. at the same time I was, given a new frying pan. nice as it may be, I don’t know it’s effectiveness for boiling spaghetti, they must have forgotten the bacon. I should ask.

And of course what would Christmas, be without Calvin and Hobbes, shelving units and a new quilt? nothing I tell you. So many wasted Christmas pasts. I think I will use one to store another while using the third.seems reasonable I use my bed as a storage device anyway.

However,  writing this without a keyboard sucks so I must go.

So, thank you one and all for all the loot. and have a happyish (at the very least) new year once it stops being lazy and rolls around.

I can’t sleep

So I am writing a thingy here to pass the time. which probably could better be used sleeping or possibly doing some work.

but I cannot sleep. 

I need to be up in 5 hours so that I can pick up Alison and then continue on the ways to homeword place.

I am going to be needing coffee if that is to happen.

not now that is.

My neck hurts.

It is a rather short and boring story as to why my neck hurts. but I got rearended yesterday? the day before? dunno. When someone’s brakes decided that they did not want to work at an intersection. probably better to run into me then to run into a moving car in a different direction. So dunno what to do about that. I have a phone number, so maybe I should see how much it will cost to fix and give him a call. honestly would rather not. I don’t really care. however my neck hurts now. it will get better so, I don’t care about that either.

he seemed to care though. poor guy.


I may have finished Christmas shopping. but I may not have. I dunno. it all seems weird.

Next year, we need a gift registry.

you heard me.

Alison thinks that is a bad idea, but it would better coordinate our gift purchases. 

oh how comercial we have become.

I still don’t know my marks. why are they so slow? one of them you simply slip a piece of paper into a machine and boom. marks. I should have had that one back before I left the building.

but no matter.

I still would like marks

yep. now off to learn how to levetate scews

Its not my fault.

I have an exam tomorrow at 2ish.  I am going to fail it.




I am hungry. I probably should go to bed.

but I have a bunch of chapters to read.

Sighmand Freud. etc

I bought civ 3. I suggest you do as well. Go to confed superstore while the discount computer games are still neat and orderly.

TV shows

The following tv shows are shows that I am activlyish watching.

The Office
Grey’s Anatomy
The Simpsons
The Big Bang Theory
Stargate Atlantis
Doctor Who (2005)
Battlestar Galactica
Kyle XY

The following are Tv shows that I have seen all the episodes of

Star Trek TNG
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dark Angel
Mutant X
Faulty Towers
The Office (british version)
Monty Python’s Flying Circus
Stargate SG1
The Lost Room
The Dresden Files
Blade (the series)
Futurama (soon to have more episodes, yay!)

The following are shows I watch if there is nothing better on

My Name is Earl
30 Rock
The 4400
Gilmore Girls
Family Guy
American Dad

And so on. there are far too many. I mean there are not enough TV shows

rabbit hunting

I am not pre-loading so this may not be timed properly

Transfer Credits

Apparently I have transfer credits. and no-one told me.

They didn’t even hint. but I would have ignored it anyways if they had hinted.

So. apparently I did not have to take CMPT 116. but I wrote the exam just the same.

The person I need to talk to about transfer credits was not around so I am unable to get a few pointless questions that I have answered.

So, I seriously need academic advising now though.

But on the bright side I have all my first year computing classes (plus some)

one second year and two third year. yay. plus a stats. which, um . yay?

This would be what was transfered from siast.

CMPT 100 Intro Computing
CMPT 111 Intro Comp Sc and Programming
CMPT 115 Principles of Computer Science
CMPT 214 Programming Princ and Pract
CMPT 350 Web Programming     
CMPT 355 Theory and Appl of Databases
STAT JR Junior Level

I am going to have to look at my little piece of paper I have that tells me things I cannot remember so that I know how this affects me.

all of these are 3 credit and as such is a full terms worth (plus some) of credits

however I then added CMPT116 this term. which was a waste of time energy and money. I am also almost certain CMPT 100 is absolutely pointless.

I found my final mark for Math 110, 79%. which brings flashbacks of highschool with my average of 79% for most of my life.

if only the midterms were as easy as the final.

Although the final I just wrote will bring my CMPT 116 average down. how could it not? I have almost 100% on my assignments and 100% on my midterm. 

so. I must now fight with .NET for a while. then consider studying memorizing things for ECON 111.

More exams and possibly info

I have another exam tomorrow. CMPT 116. If they don’t throw anything silly at me I probably should do ok. but I do have a nasty habit of forgetting the details. like header files and how normal people write binary searches.

I found out my Math final marks. 88% apparently. so I may just pass that class.

they have yet to post my final marks.

My Dishwasher

Dishwashers are easy.

I got home from work, looked around and said to myself. I must do dishes.

Yes. I actually thought I had to do dishes. Fortunately I have a dishwasher. Unfortunately It did not start.

Would it not be nice if everything could be fixed by opening it up by removing six screws and repositioning an elastic band?

Most dishwashers do not have elastic bands. Those poor dishwashers. Even poorer those diswasher owners.

Mine has an elastic band. so it is now running.

Now if only I could get those neat little elastic bands and screws into other major appliances like computers and people.