Boondock Saints.

When I raise my flashing sword, and my hand takes hold on judgment, I will take vengeance upon mine enemies, and I will repay those who haze me. Oh, Lord, raise me to Thy right hand and count me among Thy saints

And I am reminded, on this holy day, of the sad story of Kitty Genovese. As you all may remember, a long time ago, almost thirty years ago, this poor soul cried out for help time and time again, but no person answered her calls. Though many saw, no one so much as called the police. They all just watched as Kitty was being stabbed to death in broad daylight. They watched as her assailant walked away. Now, we must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men. 

I have an essay do I not. sigh.

And, no I don’t know the czar.

     As many, if not all of you know I work for an organization who’s sole purpose the past twenty years is to take over the world. Every once in a while we, the lowly foot-soldiers in this arguably immoral company are crowded into a room and bored nearly to death with various reports on how we are doing, where we are going and the in-depth analysis of what we are to do once we have accomplished our goal.

     Today however we met with the leader of a neighboring faction also bent on the same world domanalistic vision of supremacy. Although some sort  of treaty should have occurred, for the entire duration of my stay I was bombarded by the rather irrelevant plans that need only be taken to consideration once we had the world at our feet. As I sat there day dreaming about my own plans for world domination they discussed the security and financial arrangements for the new world order. Much discussion went into what could be done, what we could build to and ultimately how they could be more annoying. 

     I don’t understand why I was there. As a foot soldier in a war I care nothing about, amungst my rather apathetic comrades, led by leaders with rather odd leadership methods, I did not need to know of the big picture. Nor did I want to. I am but a lowly pawn in an unholy chess set, given but one piece of a puzzle at a time. Or at least that is the way it should be done.

     When the plans fail. And most assuredly they will. I will then realize my own goals for world domination.

     But until then I will bide my time. Pretending I don’t have essays to write. Exams to study for or lab reports to prepare.

You forgot one thing.


You can trust me. I’m a psychopath.

sorry mixing quotes.

If you have not, you should wander out and acquire the series Jekyll from the BBC. Such lovely things coming out of the BBC these days.

anyways. I have not written my essay, was due this morning. because I was not done I did not bother to show up. It was -35ish with a wind chill of 50ish so I am going to assume to have an excuse.

The Simpson’s commentary are good. at least the first few years worth. Such nice tales of how things are and were and could be and could not be. For instance Wiggum, Ralph was not even a wiggum for the first few years. good trivia no?

apparently it is cold outside. they lie. they said there was a blizzard. They lie. such wimpy weather peoples. have the not lived in the province before?

and I am the one pretending it is cold.

Murdock, I am coming to get you. 

That was just mean for our comrades in arms.

I so hate daniel defoe. he should not have been alowed to write. But since he has [written] teachers should not be alowed to force me to interpret it.

I still have no money. what is with that?

Don’t leave m&ms on the floor. quite the mess.

I don’t recomend putting apples in chili. you don’t really notice they are there. but it is just plain strange.


Rambleage®: First Blood

I just made a baked apple al la microwave. I used raspberry juice instead of water. It smells like raspberry fruity roleup dohickey stuffs of my youth. It is a weird sensation I cannot completely understand.

I should be writing an essay. or at the very least sleeping. I think I fell asleep last night while watching simpsons. was very fun. I now need season 4. I think (so far) season 3 is my most favorite season of all. I am hoping season 4 will be even better.

For some reason my lab partner does not like the simpsons. That may need to be fixed somehow.

I found sleeping under my desk is really nice. don’t know why, just is.

I think I should watch Rambo, it is such a lovely movie.

I don’t completely understand herbal tea. What is the point? Is it just a means for flavoring hot water? Like some sort of snooty kool-aid? That may be a bit harsh. But I think tea should be teaish. With tea in it.

Accordbg to Crystal light Green tea honey lemon flavour crystals. Each serving contains the goodness of real green tea with 0.05g polyphenous per 250ml serving. yay. whatever that means.

I don’t like chemistry.

Maybe I should try vacuuming again.

Why do people think I am smart? I never do things the smart way, I should be studying for my exams or working on my assignments next week. oogs.

I should buy the marx brothers collection. 

I have been listening to the commentary on the simpsons dvd. It is very interesting.

The new spinach dip from tostitos is really good. But don’t buy it. just take my word for it.

I wonder if I have more bottle caps, I need a few more.

Who thought up child proof pill bottle caps.

What do people do with old pill bottles?

I was thinking of melting them down, or making a pill bottle sculpture.

I bought a new pen. it is not as good as my old pen. I am sad.

Life is a like a canoe. apparently.

I should update my tv show list.

I should make a list.

I should make many lists.

I need food. real food with substance.

I have not had much coke this week. Sad I am about that.

I should make chilie. I have no onions though.

And dont forget to vote for ralph. 

And if you have not seen last weeks episode of the simpsons you are missing out.

I wonder if you can make chilie without onions. I am going to try.

If the universe ends tonight because of my onionless chilie, it was by design.

If I ever learn to spell those words the universe may also explode.

I may even have spelled them right. I may never know.

Don’t tell me.

I think the best cooked ground beef is slowly browned over many days. I find that takes too long but still.

I shaved. Was a pointless endevor as I will not shave again for months and as such wasted a few minutes of my life.

Apples? they are like onions right?

What defines a Fictional Character? Who cares? apparently no-one

I like triscuits. I think. either that or I am a bit crazy.

I put coffee in the coffee maker, but, I have not turned it on. not sure If I should. maybe I will.

Chocolate Raspberry Coffee is nice. odd no?

I don’t have any.

The coffee shop at the U of S does.

They recognize me. I am not sure if that is a good thing yet. They may start wanting to talk to me. which would be bad.

I have green highlighters. They are green and highlightly.

My iced tea suddenly tastes weird. maybe it is my triscuits. they have altered my tea.

I need real iced tea. not this fake Crystal light stuff.

Sugar is good.

popcorn is good too.

I think house prices have gone up again.

I should just steal one. or two.

I should have money, but it all has disapeared.


For some reason I find fasinating

there was a pizza pop type food there. whee!,bear&stemming=on

apparently I cannot throw candy against a wall without violating a patent.,bear&stemming=on


anyways. I should check my beef browning.

my coffee strong. chilie cooking.

Found half an old white onion.

will be some interesting chilie

I should stop boring you I thinks

® Rambleage is a registered trademark of Insanitycase, stolen without permission

I have fixed my computer

Apparently as i mentioned I managed to lose my MAC address.

A simple solution was to enter a new mac address.

I tried this yesterday (of course) but it did not work.

I did some reading and tried it again. This time It liked it much better because I did not include the colons.

However my computer now runs.

But why did it die in the first place?


And all this was AFTER I went to all the trouble of bouncing data of my various other computers.

Question: I have lost my Physical Address. Why is this?

Answer: your computer hates you and wants you dead.

Today my computer was working is fine. 

Queue ominous music

I went home and attempted to plug in a digital camera into my front usb port. I say attempted because I never actually got it into the slot, I was merely poking around where I thought the usb port should be and my monitors whent blank.


Completely blank.

Sigh. Fortuneatly there was a reset button on hand and I was able to reboot the computer.

Half a dozen reboots later windows finally loaded and let me plug in the device to take a look at the pictures.

It was sometime near that point that I found I could not browse the internet.

I could ping all my computers (except my router) I could browse my computers but not get on the internet.


through some poking around I found that my physical address was missing. completely gone. it vamoosed, vanished, disapeared. I have no idea how that happens but it did.

It is rather amazing it still works on my local network. I should do some packet sniffing to see what is happening.

(at this point I attempted to plug in a different usb device – time lapse many reboots later – )

Point is though.

No internet connection for my computer and its lonelyness.

It is my main computer.

I need it on the internet



This is not the first time my network card has died. I put in a new one, but the onboard one came back to life so I removed it. However I have no new one to put in plus I am lazy. the case is way over there.

have I ever mentioned I hate computers.

or had a moment where you wish your computer would just blow up already and put us both out of our misery?

lately I have been having a few.

Why I will never vacuum again

I bought a new vacuum cleaner. a small hand held beast by the name dust buster.

They were not kidding when they named that one. I turned it on and it worked fine for a few seconds but suddenly stopped sucking and got very hot.

Apparently it busted so much dust it was choking.

When I opened it up the filter was already clogged with dust and other small unmentionables.

That is the type of information I would prefer to never know.

So from this day forth I shall never vacuum again.

yes it is late.

REally late. I must get up again. I have this strange feeling I will fall asleep before I am done classes today.

I must not stay up this late.

Apparently I have a lab at 3:30. I wonder if I can take a nap at school. There has to be some place I can do that.

I want a coffee but I know that if I do that things would be bad. Must wait until tomorrow for that I guess.

I wonder if I should go to bed. It at this point in time may be completely useless. hm. I knew I should not have gotten up today. But if I do stay up. what am I to do for the next 4 hours? There is only so much television I am willing to watch in a row. although there are a few series I have not visited for a while.

Work is also an option. but in my opinion it never should be.

I need more calvin and hobbes books. I have read these two so much they probably are going to fall apart.

I also need season 2 of simpsons. I almost considered buying it today. almost. was very close. it was.

I think I will go read dilbert. although they have gotten boring lately.