Rave Reviews

I wrote an essay the other day I was really sure was going to fail me. We read a book entitled "A Journal of The Plague Year" by Daniel Defoe. As it is will all essays in this class we were given a list of topics we can argue. After many false starts I settled on discussing what the moral of the story of "the three men" which was told about halfway through the novel. 

At this point, the essay was due the next day.

I first wrote something about how the story was supposed to teach us about teamwork, sticktoitness, and a variety of other annoying must most likely expected arguments.

I scrapped it at approximately three AM the night before it was due. 

I hated the story, so instead I wrote about how the story meant nothing. I argued that any possible moral was undermined by the actions of the three men. Why would Daniel Defoe himself say that there was a moral? You don’t want people doing these things.

I stayed up until about five AM working on it. My alarm went off at seven but I decided to sleep until noon.

It took me three days to write that, so I was late in handing it in. If anyone asks, I was snowed in the day it was due 🙂

I was sure it would get a poor mark. It was not something I really thought the teacher wanted, or expected. But at that point I didn’t care.

I got my marks back. so far this is the best essay I have written, apparently.

There were comments all over the essay. But I stopped reading when I saw the following: "An insightful, well-argued defense of a provocative thesis. Nicely done!"

Best to stop when you are ahead.

So, I talked to a professor.

I received an email the other day from some strange professor at the university who apparently had seen the courses I was taking and was wondering who this strange person was. Apparently I am not eligible for any scholarships due to my inability to understand  transfer credits, but he seemed interested in me taking some computer science classes.

I met with him today.

I don’t like such meetings and really I came out more confused then before.

And I am always confused.

So in the great words of Homer J. Simpsons. "I need some guidance, Councelor".

However the important part is if I go for a Computer Science Degree, and a Certificate in Physics I may be able to get my Computer Science it in fewer years and with fewer classes because of my SIAST Course. But If I go for a Physics Degree and a Certificate in Computer Science I have to do the full work load.

I said I was not going for computer science right?

For some reason right now I want to. but that could also be because I am failing my physics.


I probably will switch my major unless something changes. After all computers are really all I know. 

I will need to talk to more people who know less than me so I appear smarter to my self. or is it the other way around. never the less talking is required. unfortunately. 

But I can still think about it next year. I think.

However there was mention of picking up a few second year courses in the summer. I should look into that. but I am confused about moneys. new loan?



This is for all you fans out there that were devastated by their breakup, it was over too soon.

And for all those who feel the simpsons are dead or dying. I assure you they are alive and kicking.


Microsoft Yahoo Merger

So, today or yesterday or someday in between Microsoft offered a exceedingly amount of money to purchase Yahoo.

This is probably a good idea.

Google at the moment is the current leader in search engine technology and quite frankly online innovation and development. Microsoft and Yahoo both have been lagging behind.

I feel this would be a good move on the part of Microsoft and since Yahoo has been having a rather bad performance as of late, I imagine it would not be a bad thing for Yahoo as well.

If only they had agreed the first time.

But what does this mean for us? As there has been mentioned. A lot of online services overlap, Yahoo has a messenger, Microsoft has a messenger, Yahoo has a Search Engine, Microsoft has a Search Engine, Yahoo has Webmail, Microsoft has Webmail. 

However Yahoo has a few things like Flickr, Geocities that Microsoft does not have.

It is unclear if the duplicates will continue to operate seperatly or be integrated together. There are fundamental technological differences between the Yahoo and Microsoft products that could hinder integration, but at the same time improve the service. As an example Microsoft Messenger and Yahoo Messenger already have a deal that has the two networks connected, bringing the two largest instant messenging networks together.

But at the very least these two companies should be able to merge and increase their overall innovation and web development to compete against the ever growing Google.

Complaints set 464 of 129,469,493,443 and counting

My website has been very flakey lately. It may be dying.

I failed two exams today. Dont’ believe me? Anthropology: 68% Physics 70%

I have no money. I cannot pay my bills, much less my rent. If you wish to send me lots of money I will not complain as loudly this time.

The person upstairs has his cellphone on vibrate. it is annoying.

I wrote an essay that will probably fail me. They may just on principle. I would.

I am hungry.

Computers are dumb.

I hate chemistry (it is worthy or more then one set of complaints)

My power went out today. WHY?

I don’t like getting up at 8:30.

That is all. for now