Measure For Measure

What makes a man turn neutral? Lust for gold? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality? 
– Zapp Brannigan 2acv02

It is not my fault. as it so often never is. 

As I write this I still have yet to write my essay. I feel it may be better never to write it. 

And yet I am certain it is not my fault.

And never will be.


My little ant friend came back. Not many of his friends have joined his mission of food finding. That is probably a good thing.

But what do I know.

I need a coke. but it is already past the time that such things as coke vendors are closed. does that mean they are open?

I have an exam on tuesday. or so I have heard.

Chocolate bars.

Prepare to continue the epic struggle between good and neutral

Apparently the first movie in the 4 movie continuation of futurama was released in november. Why did I not know this? 

I have watched more movies today then should be humanly possible. is there not rules about this?

I need a time travel device so that I can go into the future and retrieve my essay that will write so that I would not have to write it.

Food that has the lable "Now great tasting" or "New great taste" or "New Taste" or "Improved flavour" really worry me. I mean It.

I am almost out of popcorn.

Anyways I have an essay to not write.

My quick thinking allowed me to do whatever I did to save the day.


I cannot afford another cheeseburger. WHICH IS SAD. I could use one.

I am still fighting with my essay. It is going to kill me. or I may kill it. anyways. something is going to end up dead. I hate measure for measure. it is an evil play and for the life of me I cannot understand why anyone would write such nonsense. and how am I supposed to comment on something that may or not exist in this play due to my own interpretation of said nonsense? I have nothing to say about the play except there may be some abstract feeling that I hate it immensely. and I don’t think I can write about that.

I also have some chemistry garbage to do. YOU HEARD ME, GARBAGE. I am supposed to predict the molecular shape of various molecules. It is very frustrating. And apparently it is supposed to take 3 hours out of my life to do the assignment. Plus practice sessions where I intend to learn what I am supposed to be doing.

I have an exam. Mathamatronics. unfortunatly a lot of memorizing of formulas. not so easy as physics. so. yeah.


I need some.

So. I may get paid on monday. but how much? as much as I am owed? and If I do get paid do I get paid again soon after for this month?

So. in the mean time I have a quick rich get scheme. Everyone in the universe send me one penny. Thats it. Thats all I need. one Canadian penny from everyone in the universe. If you want I will even give it back.

If that does not work then I will have to start project "hold world ransom". You don’t want that.

I so need a cheeseburger.

And fries.

And coke.

and pizza on the side.



I was unaware I signed a contract. I may have to track down those tricky lawyers and give them what for.

I wrote an exam for physics. I think I did well. All that needs to pass physics is to memorize the formulas. and since they are given to you at the exam, all you need to do is know where they are used. and if you know the symbols you that, so physics is more than easy.

anyways. you now can pass physics. I suggest you apply now.

I did not write my essay that was due today. was sad, I cried for hours.

I have been forced to discontinue my wow account. not that I have been using it much.

I have yet to squeeze money out of my employer or my roommate. and since I am going deeper in dept at an alarming rate of way way too much, I probably should do something. 

I can lose at MOO2 almost every single time. I am so proud.

I can’t afford real triscuits, I have crips wheats.

I may, or may not have joined the Theoretical Physics Society. Who, I am assuming, have a goal of world domination. I may fit in.

I have to declare a major. I don’t want to. But I can change it.

I am writing a math exam next week. I have to memorize my trig thingies.

I got my chemistry and anthropology marks back. I calculated my chem to be about 57% I got 67%. I calculated my anthropology to be 47% I got 73%. If anyone cares to know both of them increased by EXACTLY 1/4 of the remaining questions . Which was multiple choice with 4 choices. so. um. yeah. go probability.

I have found I probably should not be a teach. something about chocolate. and apparently I look at things weird. not sure if that is good or not.

My glasses have fallen apart. so I am using my old pair. I need pliers.

Some people should not be allowed make TV shows, others should not be allowed to choose which ones air.

I almost forgot what I was doing.

Iced tea.

peanut butter and jelly.

I need more jelly

or jam

jam better

I need cheese

and coke

and coffee

and toffee

I have an ant. one ant. he may bring friends if he finds my food stores.

Maybe I should eat them. But then I would run out. I need to ration them.


I am not dead. Just broke. Dead broke.

Anyways. I have found that I am going steadily and steadily into dept. It Is loads of fun.