Orange Capital of the world

There is an ant in my coke glass. I need a new glass.

So I finaly was overrun with ants. As it is in such an occasion I moved to the living room as I had already decided to use my bed as a storage device as it was ment to be, and the ants were simply irritating while sleeping.

I was pushed into attempting to irradicate the little animals in a way that is akin to genocide. And we promote this? I purchased some of those nice tin cans and houses that promised to kill the entire colony and strew them lazily around my apartment. As one may guess not much happened. If anything, more ants came to join the party.

I however have a vacuume cleaner that seems to suck up ants and keep them sucked. after vacuuming all the ants that were living near my desk I apear to only have a few stragglers that I add the the prision for tormented souls as I catch them.

If one may have noticed my website decided to die. That was primarily because I was moving things around. At this moment All CAPA stuff is on my old server (which was the cheap one unfortunatly) and mine is on the newer and thus more expensive server. If I can convince them to start paying for their websites, my credit cards would fill slightly slower and have one less reason to stick around.

That is the hope anyway.

However If I were to quit, I have absolutely no idea where I could get a job. much less one I could stand for extended periods of time.

McDonalds probably.

I have yet to get all my marks back. so far I have a disapointing 79.111111 average. Which falls short of the honours requirements.

I do have a couple years to make that up. 

I hope.

For the moment FTP accounts for the affected websites are non existant, but I will re-create them when I am less lazy.

I purchased a book shelf, apparently I do not have enough" I put all my books from this year. does not even take up a full shelf. There should be more books. 

I have a jar of sauerkraut I probably should do something with. it is opened. does it go bad?

I wonder if I have spaghetti sauce. and If so where is it.

My mac stopped working. but if you open it up there is a little button on the motherboard that allows me to turn it on again. but when I do that it says I have updates. Then it says I cannot do my updates. Then it makes fun of me. stupid mac. 

so, I have a problem

Two problems actually.

My first is an ant problem. My problem being, I have no idea what they are doing. It does not make any sense whatsoever. I have a host of illogical creature roaming my apartment with no apparent purpose. Quite frankly if they told me whatever it is they wanted, I could probably find it much quicker then they could, without climbing over every single obstacle a dozen times. I am almost certain my stapler has already been checked out by one of your other ant buddies. They really need better coordinational skills.

Second. Those energy efficient light bulbs? I got one that is so efficient that it uses no energy at all. I could make millions off of them. However it seems a bit dark in here.

Third problem. Did I not mention I had three problems? My house has deteriorated from a state of organized chaos to a state of chaotic organization. Or at least it did briefly. Its kind of in the middle at the moment. 

Remember when I was reverse engineering a pbx tcp control protocol? Well apparently that pbx has a brother Voice mail system. Apparently I am also supposed to write something to talk to it as well. Stupid things with thing that dont have things.

I have written two exams. Physics and Math. Math was pretty bad as I did not know how to do two of the questions and as such did not do them. There goes 8 or so marks. I also know that on one other question I will not get full marks. So I can expect no higher then 90% but that is way too optomistic. The physics exam was rather fun however I think I did rather poorly and as such will get no higher then 83% and no less then 75%. That may be a bit conservative, but still is much less then 95 required (or so the online calculater says) to make an 85% average. we shall see.

I write english Friday. Which will be hard as it is a fourth language. Who has ever heard of literary interpretation?


Lies my VCR told me

So I was sitting there watching a movie, NEXT, which as we all know is a good movie, and probably should run out an purchase a copy before I create another comma splice. So, as I was saying. Watching the movie NEXT. I get to the credits, which as we all should know are running backwards (ish) and figured I would fast forward to see what I could see. However when I pressed the FF>>>>>>>> Button on the universal remote It triggered my VCR and the words "Mad Max 3" somehow managed to find their way on the screen. Which was like Wooo I have mad max 3? I wandered over to said VCR and ejected the video to find that it was George of the Jungle. Which is like completely not mad max 3. So there you have it, my VCR lied to me. now I am sad.

I have my last day of schoolishness monday. I have registered for classes in the summer (july/august) but have no idea how I am going to pay for them. Student loans claims I can apply for summer classes, but there are no current forms, or places to indicate that it is a summer class. so I am confused.

In case anyone cares, Doctor Who (2005) the fourth season starts today, or was it yesterday. Dunno I need a TIVO. I could make one I have heard. 

My computer is making noise.

Shut up computer.

I have officially declared a double honours degree Physics/Comp sci. I however do need approval with the departments. Compsi will see me monday. Physics has not yet gotten back to me.

I got my essay back. 68, Which is odd as I was writing it at 3 in the morning if I  remember correctly. Now If I can get a 75ish on my final I should be able to manage a solid 70ish average in english. yay.

my head hurts.

Chocolate bars.