He said to Pocahontas Acki Vachi Vachi Voo

So, as many if not some of you have not yet possibly heard. I am quiting CAPA.

They did not take it too well.

So, after lots of guilt tripping and complaining (the words if he quits I will just shut it down were uttered many a time) I was talked into attempting to train a replacement, and be out of CAPA completely by the end of July.

However being impatient I applied for a job at Blacksun and acquired a job at Superstore.

After my interview with Blacksun I am relatively optimistic although I am not sure of the impression I gave.

Superstore is well, boring. but not horrible. So it is an improvement. I hope to get paid. regularly. and I can work two days a week if I wanted. there are some restrictions to such things. but currently I am working pretty much all the time which means I am sleeping during the day (no big change) however, as it is lifting boxes and whatnot I am tired and sore when I come home and as such am sleeping pretty much ALL day. 

I wonder when I am going to train people for CAPA? I kinda said a possibility of 5 hours. which is possible but going to be annoying.

I have not heard from student loans. so I don’t know If I will be schooling yet.

Coke is good.
Pizza is good.

Aunt Jemima is bad.

And so the chocolate and the ant learned to live together and all was good

Yeah so. I did the thing at the place and the whatchamacalit.

Not too horribly optimistic especially since one of our new contracty type programmers was complaining about money and I mentioned that BlackSun was looking.


go me.


I still have ants. and probably oungcles too. but once in a while when I leave fresh poison I see some eat it, but not the hordes that did at the beginning.

stupid ants learning I am attempting to kill them all.

I decided to re-arrange my room. so. everything is piled on my bed, which is no in the center of my room. the ants found my new hiding spot soon after and are continuing to harass the tiny pixels on my monitors.

What did they ever do to them?

My MAC is annoying. now, it will start, but not allow any input from my mouse and keyboard, or output any video to my monitor. What good is a mac when it does that? however I did have VNC installed, so I was able to wander in through that. but even so. my mac hates me. It is also complaining about low disk space, which I just realized is feasible as I only put in a 3 gig boot drive. I seem to remember it did not like my 40.

I wonder where my bed is going to go.

hm. this is going to be interesting.

No, that’s drambuie

Their eons-long goal is to understand and destroy the universe, since the thoughts of other beings "screech at them like the forced laughs of a billion art-house movie patrons." 

anyways. I need those marks dang nab it, and by golly I will get them.

I now have many more ants. The ant poison that was given too me has completely failed at killing my ants, but instead has attracted large numbers of ants to various locations that I have placed the poison. I am still hoping that someday they will all die and I will not have this many ants in my  house. I have never seen this many in one location at a time.

I have started playing morrowind. it is fun. probably should look into oblivion.

I have yet to quit. They have not payed me. I may quit. I should. but so far no go.

Chocolate bars are expensive.


I finally got my marks

Term 1
CMPT 116 – 94%    
ECON 111- 88%    
ENG 110 –68%    
MATH 110 – 79%
PHYS 121 – 83%

Term 2
ANTH 111 – 70%
CHEM 112 – 79%    
ENG 110 – 68%
MATH 116 – 79%    
PHYS 121 – 83%

So as you can see I have 79% average. Which is sad.

I will have to work possibly next termish.