Apparently triscuits are good for you. who knew? I may have to stop eating them now.

Today being a day off I wandered down to pay my parking tickets and figured I should also get a new student loan form. Apparently There are no student loan forms. The company was disappointed by the huge success of student loans last year partly due to their failed attempt to poison all applicants with poisoned ink. But fewer people then expected were eating their application forms. This year they plan on electrocuting all applicants with their new patented electrocute-on-the-web. However if anyone succeeds in surviving the electrocution they will simply automate the rejection process. Much simpler.

So, at some point I will don my rubber gloves and attempt to apply for a student loan.

I also got paid. wooo. but it seems a bit light, so I may have to complain a bit. for some reason it is lower then is required to pay my rent.

I need approximately 1300 each month just to pay the bills. not including credit cards.

oh well.

I should buy triscuits.

Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil are good. but I like the original, although they are hard to find now adays.


so comma tomorrow Is my second try at getting a pay cheque period yay period

anyways. boring it is here.

I did hear back from student loan people. they want more information. silly people.

I need phood.

Discarded Pizza Cheese.

I have been working on what classes I need. Apparently I have finished off all the Arts and Science Requirements except for the two "General Requirement" classes. Which can be Humanities, Fine Art, Social Sciences, or languagey things. However I cannot have more then six credits in any of these, so, no Englishes.  I can choose something from any of the following subjects.

I was thinking psychology, but I don’t like the times, ditto for Economics. Yeah. so I need to figure that one out. What is annoying me slightly is that aside from my summer classes there are no comp sci my second year. yet. so oog. I am un happy about that.

I made a few lists. and my first thoughts were correct, both comp sci and physics drop a bunch of classes if you do double honours. stupid double honours. Never the less I am still slightly confused how I am supposed to be getting this done in 2 years. I think I will be needing some more summer classes, and some more talking to peoples.

I got another ticket, which I thought was weird. normally they wait a day or two before giving me a second ticket. So, I stole my spot back. 

I work tonight. sleep need I.

but no. such things are beyond the normal. it is paranormal. as they say.  

I should learn chess.

Stop the universe I want to get off

So today I did a bunch of things that I have been not doing.

I did my taxes. I owe them a lot of money for CPP.

I called the student loan peoples. They said there was some confusion as to how far away my parents live, or me, or something. Plus they say I make too much money. which of course is true. I am secretly a millionaire. So I sent them a letter syaing I don’t make much money.

I also wandered to the university to pick up a new student loan application. They did not have any 2008-2009. which was odd.

And to top it all off, my car got ticketed for not being licenced and being parked on the street. I had mentioned to my roommate I would like to not have it parked there, but he did not believe I would get ticketed. Now he says I can park in my parking spot. woo.

I need food. but there is none.

I am currently in the process of attempting to reseason my cast iron pan. I really should get a sander or someone to sand blast it. Currently  it is taking forever to clean with my steel wool. all I seem to be doing is creating a lot of black suds, which are really cool though.

I could use a cheese burger. but I dont have money for such things. not even bread. or pizza, or a car. or a pineapple

Microwave Flavoured Butter Popcorn

So, Good News, Bad News, Horrible News and Indifferent News. You get to pick which is which. yay!

1) Superstore, because of their new hours have changed my hours to 11pm to 7am.
2) I have not been paid, but Supposedly I will on the 19th
3) I still dont know how I am going to pay my tuition
4) The monster under my bed ate all my left socks.

So, I burned down my apartment.

It was a quiet day, and I figured I would liven things up. I attempted to make blackened Fish. Which did all but burst into flames. I may need to learn how to do that properly sometime.

oh well. 

I have not talked to Superstore peoples yet. I managed to squeeze some money out of my roommate so I did pay my rent. In celebration I purchased a Slushy. it was nice, barqs root beer and Coca Cola (they both have caffeine).

I don’t like being part of a union. Unions are evil. Far too much power in the hands of people who only really want one thing. And in my opinion lack the insight to understand why they don’t need it. Sigh. Apparently I may be going on strike in September. I hope to be going to school by then. 

So ig.

I have not heard from student loans people. so I have no idea how I  am going to pay for my July-Aug classes. I will of course have to fill out the forms for my September classes. 

Should get on that.

Mission Impossible III is dumb.


So. First paycheque today. 

Guess what. 

Surprise no money. 

So. I guess I should talk to someone about that. 

Sometimes I feel like Allie Fox.


Figure that one out if you will.


Since when does dad’s root beer not have caffeine? 

What is the point of a beverino without caffeine-oh?