The drug business is not so well it seems.

So apparently I am supposed to write blogs. Well, actually it probably would suffice if I wrote anything. but lately I have not really had much to write, if such a thing is possible.

Tomorrow or possibly today, depending on when you get this, if ever,  is thanksgiving. A most pointless of holidays that for some reason even the university feel they must close on. I could probably still go, and hang out in the hallways but everyone of the teachers made the comment if we did that they were not going to be there. Sad.

I bought a turkey. Never having roasted a turkey in my life I figured I would try and see what the fuss is about. Today I made the stuffing, which I forgot the salt and pepper. I also made the cranberry sauce. Superstore ran out of cranberry sauce and I had to do a lot of searching for poultry seasoning. I was too lazy to wander into the back to see if they simply forgot to put it out. They do that sometimes.

Tomorrow I must then cook the turkey. I don’t know how, but Canadian living has a short how to. It should be thawed by tomorrow I hope. My roommate bought a tiny little chicken. It is currently in a Tupperware container filled with juice. I hope he knows what he is doing. 

I also bought potatoes.

Really pointless.

And expensive.

oh well.

Superstore employees almost went on strike. Then Superstore offered more money, or something, and now everyone, well 70% of everyone, is happy. ish. I get back-pay.

I have no idea what I have done since my last post. my life is mostly a blur, school, work. school, work. Sometimes I eat, often I am sleeping.

I do know I spent almost a thousand dollars on radios that may just end up sitting around collecting dust.

which is sad.

Very sad.

I was hoping to test them this weekend if there was a strike and they came in. They did not come in and there was no strike. so no testing.

more people are wondering what I want with a degree in physics. I really would like if they stop asking. I don’t know at this time and really don’t care.

In my few years on this planet I have actually yet to find a job I enjoy. so far they are all soul sucking leaches.

I bought a mp3 player that can play videos, so I can feed my Simpsons addiction at school. admittedly I could have just ripped the audio, I have no need for the video. Then I could have purchased a cheaper one. I may still do that as this version has an issue with "random".

I have become almost disillusioned by physics. The latest exam we were allowed to bring in "cheat sheets". It seems rather pointless to have an exam where they give you numbers, you look up the formula and spew out an answer. I don’t see why everyone should not get 100%. However the subject is fascinating. It just seems to me they don’t really want to teach us anything useful.

Math is evil and will probably be the one to kill me.

Ukrainian is hard on me.

I have trouble with English.

I have decided that since being eaten alive is probably very painful I will only purchase stoned wheat crackers. If they are high I can only assume their death would be less unpleasant.

And if anyone wants a roommate, I have one to sell.

Or if anyone has a cheap house in this area, or a cheap apartment or a winning lottery ticket. Let me know.

My brain is a bit discontinuous at the moment.