This morning was a flurry of activity that started with bacon eggs and hash browns and ended with a McFlurry.

I fueled up the car and wandered to a bank. Checked out the entertainment centers at canadian tire and walmart purchased more boxes and resisted the urge to purchase books at the book sale at the mall. I aquired a may bus pass and packed 14 boxes into my car. I drove to my new appartment and got the keys from the caretaker type person and unpacked the car.

But first some pictures.

A very dark picture of the living room from the door

some more pictures of the living room






Smaller bedroom


Larger Bedroom
Sorry, they are kind of dark. imagine the smaller bedroom, flipped and then stretched.






Random pictures of who knows what




Making it feel more like home


Some Boxes

As time draws nigh we probably should see what is going on in this mess of an apartment.

From the following two pictures we can see a dozen disorganized boxes.


At one time there was a grandiose plan to organize the boxes by content, but as the time drew near and the content grew smaller such things failed. But I have boxes of stuff which tomorrow I shall remove and my place will look a lot cleaner.

Pictures to follow.


I have my final marks:

EP 229:      68      (electro magnetism)
EP 225:      60      (waves phenomenon)
EP 271:      78      (Thermodynamics)
PHYS 223: 78      (Analytical Mechanics)
CMPT 320: 91      (Digital Design)

overall, I will drop my average, but thermodynamics and mechanics are on par with my average, which is a pleasantish surprise.

And now, The exciting conclusion

waterpotatoesonionceleryChicken bouillonSalt And Pepper

Dice about 3.5 Cups Potatoes add to largish pot.

0.33333 cups celery

0.33333 cups onion

0.75 cups cooked ham

Add 3.25 cups water and set to high


when it boils

reduce heat

Meanwhile, melt 3 tbsp margarine

slowly whisk in 5 Tbsp flour


Add 2 Tbsp bouillon and salt and pepper when potatoes cooked

When flour and margarine is hard as a rock

Slowly add 2 cups milk

make sure it is smooth.

once thick ish

and vegetables cooked 

add sauce to stock

The finished product

Eat it right away



In a world of darkness, a world of unspeakable evil, three men rise up to bring hope to a doomed people.

Armed with only their wits, an air compressor and a box of tools they triumphed over their enemy and brought peace to the land.

In other words they fixed my car.

And Karl bought me a new battery. Which I installed this morning in the superstore parking lot. 

It works nice.

My trunk is still wonky. probably needs some welding, but it closes. The tires scare me to death but so far they have not gone flat again.

I am still worried about the engine controller draining my battery.

But I think the new battery can handle it for a while anyway. Just have to run it every once in a while or unplug it.

I may decide to put in a relay or switch to stop the maddness.

Thermodynamics in action.

Have you ever noticed that if you put a 600 ml bottle of coke in the freezer for a few hours before opening, it is still a liquid when it comes out? However when opened it suddenly forms ice crystals?

This is thermodynamics in action.

Alas I am but a Frog

Alison apparently has rules.

Rules it would appear that would restrict my computation considerably. No computers in the living room. No cables in the living room. No computers in the storage closet. All computers in my room.

Also no tables in the living room.

This is sad. I have a number of computers that need to go somewhere and there is nowhere to be had that can house that many poor computers.

they need ventilation.

Speaking of which anyone have one of those nifty portable A/C doohickeys that have a hose to direct the coldness and want to sell it for somewhere in the range of free? I could use one.

I plan on hiding two (or three) of my computers in this nice little wood cabinet that I have. It looks really nice and as long as you never open it you wouldn’t know it was housing a computational nightmare. But being in an enclosed space I am in need of just a bit more than ventilation. I need climate control.

I may just buy one. if I can find one cheap, or waste some money trying to build one. That would be fun. 

However that does not solve my cable dilemma. Apparently they are ugly. Apparently as well I may need to stretch them from place to place to facilitate the transportation of data, and voice, possibly.

oog. I may have to rip up some carpet. or hang it to the ceiling, or possibly get some of those little mats and put them over the cables.

And what about the tables? no tables in the living room? where else to tables go? 

I have a funny feeling I may not fit.

The car that wouldn’t be

No pictures. It is just to sad for words.

My car hates me. Yesterday I wander out to investigate my car. I have not had it running for 3 months and it has been sitting there collecting dust. literally.

Unfortunately it is not going to be not collecting dust anytime soon.

All the tires are low or flat (including the spare), the battery is once again dead, and even though I removed everything from the trunk the lid will still not close.

I can solve possibly two of those with a boost, which I will convince my room mate to give me, but I have no idea what to do about the trunk.

it is broken

I also don’t know what is draining my battery.

I suspect gremlins.

I hate my car right now.

Alison hurry up and buy a new one so I can borrow it.

Terdos Guide To Boxing.

As any boxer can tell you, good boxing takes preparation, planning, skill and the a good box.
In this guide I hope to instruct you through the process of becoming a boxer

The first step is choosing the box. 
I chose banker boxes which can be purchased at the great canadian wholesale club in a pack of six for $8.99.

After the plastic wrapping is removed and one box selected one may notice that the instructions are printed on the box.
Ignore these.


Laying out the box flat with the instructions down one can remove the flap by bending it at the crease and then separating.


Fold the removed piece at all the creases.
 Bend the flaps as shown in the image then fold the end of the lid over the flaps to lock in place.
set aside.


Fold out the box as shown and separate the flaps from the remainder of the box.

Fold flaps as shown in image.


Flip box upside down, pull out flaps.


With side flaps vertical, push remaining flap down.
We are done building the box.

But we are not finished. The exciting career of a boxer has just begun.
I have chosen to fill this box with cassette tapes.
Please note the pattern as this improves efficiency
As a boxer efficiency will be an important skill to acquire.


Finished with the first layer I add a second layer.


There is still room so another layer of tapes.


Still having a bit of room we make use of the small area by adding DVDs.
Although this box no-longer contains only cassettes we have used virtually all the space.

We are finished packing the box.


Now we must stack it somewhere. I have added it to the collection of book boxes.


Note that because of the tight squeeze the handle flaps were not pushed in. 
Ideally they should be like the second image.


Now that you have seen how it is done you too can have hours of fun boxing.