This is a blog.

I have not written much for a while and truthfully I possibly have no reason to write now, however seeing as it has in fact been two months it probably is time to say hi.

so, hi.

Alison, as you all know has moved in and at the same time all possibility of maintaining my sleeping patterns moved out. Perhaps that is best as soon it shall be Christmas time school.

I bought my textbooks already. as to avoid the lines. They cost too much.

My car hates me and wants me to die. I can only assume that is the reason it randomly develops problems then fixes them right before I go through the lengthy process of finding out what is causing them.

I bought a 20.1 inch LCD monitor. I like it. It is bigger.

I bought a Via EPIA-800 I also like it, it is smaller. but the tv out does not work. So I am sad.

I need a touchscreen 15 inch lcd screen now. and a mounting thingy for keyboard, mouse and monitor.