So, I says to the salesperson I says:

"what is the cheapest laptop you have?"

Perhaps I should back up a bit. My fijitsu Lifebook P110 is dead. It was slowly dying for a while, but today when I tried to use it at school it would not even boot. I may if given some time be able to fix it, but as I was sitting at the university frustrated that my computer would not run I gave up and headed off to the campus computer store.

So, I says to the salesperson I says:

"what is the cheapest laptop you have?"
"PC or Mac?"

(silly question, I said cheap)


"Netbook or Laptop?"

"that depends on your definition of Netbook"

"10 inch screen"

(thats a silly definition for a netbook)

"I don’t care about the size"

"Well we have a Lonovo for 399"

"do you have any in stock"


"what do you have in stock?"

"we have another lonovo for just 30$ more"

"I’ll take it"

So, I now have a Lonovo IdeaPad. And less than 30 minutes later I was working on my assignment for compsci. yippie skippie. I hate the keyboard, and there is no touchscreen. 

But it took less than 1 hour of my life to get a new computer, where if I actually did some research I would still be looking.

I needed one today.

my website does not work on this computer. sad.

it apparently has facial recognition, for logon.


There is a mouse in my house. I call him Ernie. He lives under the rocking chair. I should take a picture.