here are some pictures. There are some better ones (not through the glass, and in focus, but I dont have them)



yep, they may have shown the same one twice. we are not sure.

some evidence

We still have not actually seen the twins. however we can prove there is people in a hospital as can be seen in the following pictures.

Mike got cutoff, sorry, here is a better one:

We have seen baby pictures, however, no babies. perhaps soon.

The twins

So Jeanette had her twins. yesterday 11:40 ish, George and Elliot are the names I believe. Alison should have more information, if she blogs about them. Most of this is second hand information, I had to fill in some blanks.

every little thing.

I would have to say. Mad Max is boring. sorry. perhaps road warrior is better. Thunderdome is just irritating.

I perhaps have passed my quantum mechanics on Tuesday. I go to write my electro right now (well, in an hour and a bit) I feel pretty confident, I wont do well. No need to stress about the inevitable.

in 2012 the world will end. trust me, I saw it in a movie. or three. Ignore NASA, they don’t have enough funding to locate new York on the map much less predict the future.

I should probably think about getting sleep before exams.

however if I fall asleep during an exam, I have a legitimate reason to fail, no?

it is cold.

perhaps too cold. A new ice age perhaps? but where are the talking rodents and mammoths?

speaking of rodents, Alvin and the chipmunks is a relatively cute movie. considering all the actors irritate me, it was still watchable.

New simpsons, good. Not perhaps like the old ones, but I am beginning to like even the 17th season (gasp) so I will grow to like the 21st. 

you should watch them

I am watching them all in reverse order, currently at season 12.

I wonder if using words like velocitation, accelermatrix and quantonium will stand in the way of a physics degree.

I had to write a comp sci lab report, apparently they liked it. they are nuts.

I may fail that class.

on principle.

I just checked, I got 73, in quantum. not good, but considering, not horrible. 

that was my good class btw

did not do so well on the final.

time to study through the ancient art of sudoku


My youngest sister broke her laptop.

I broke my old laptop (sorta)

My second youngest sister broke her laptop (I have not heard if it is working or not, let me know!)

I suspect cheryl’s to be next.

or perhaps my mother’s.

There is something about pizza.

I was sitting there at the bus stop when it hit me. Not the bus, but a thought. Perhaps I was not at the bus stop, I dont remember any busses. Which could be because of short term memory loss as a result of being hit by a bus. Or perhaps there was no thought to begin with. I dont really know.

Then the room suddently smelled like flowers.

That would be Alison no doubt. Or at least I hope it is Alison and her verious techni-smelling smelly things. It could be a burnt flower tumor, which I imagine would be bad.

But such is life.

So there I was having a thought I may not have had at a place I may not have been. It was really not the flower or the thought or the busses that were important, no, it was perhaps the time of day. 

The time was 5:56 it was cold, I remember walking. I dont remember if they were happening at the same time.

Memory gets fuzzier this time of year.

I have no pizza, none. There was talk of making some at one time, but after it was eaten we never spoke of it again. funny how life turns out sometimes.

The television influences became clear.

And perhaps that is how it should be.