I hate Sony.

My tv sucks.

Well, in all actuallity I would have killed for this tv not long ago. 

But now that I have my main video source my computer it has come to my attention the TV is inadaquate for the task at hand.

So I need to buy I new one.


I will for now leave out my TV selection woes.  But instead bring to you a dilema. 

If I were to buy a TV of adaquate resolution to do the computer justice, I may as well get a high def video player too. 

In short I would need a blue ray player.


I dont really like blue ray.

well, that is not the problem.

The problem is, blue ray players are like 150ish. 

The PS3 is only 250ish.

I may as well buy a PS3.

I hate sony.

Wherein we are all stupid.

Lego Mega Blocks Generic Blocks used for building, it is the ultimate goal for any OOPer. The design of small blocks that when joined together create something that is greater then the sum of the components. And so onward the computer scientists go designing and building these small blocks.

Computer scientists are stupid.

And as such, I am to.

The first day of my cmpt 340 class my instructor informs us that someday we will not have to write code anymore, All one would have to do is define the problem, and the computer through some magic of it’s own will devise a program to solve the problem.

Why is it we wish to shoot ourselves in the foot?

Well I suppose we won’t, not completely. There still will be a need for the maintainance and developement of new blocks. But for a majority of computer professionals there will be no need for there existance any more. So I suppose there should be a battle between the elite and the uninitiated. I propose an all out battle royale. 

But, we are idiots.

It has been going on for years, the progressive "dumbing" down of the computer industry. It was once, you needed a degree in computational technologies to write a text document, now anyone and their pet dog can create slideshows, movies or transmit information to the far reaches of the known universe.

The PC, perhaps has become just that.

The ever ongoing narrowing of the computational sciences (if you can call it a science) has eliminated all but the most abstract (research), and the most hands on (administration). My computer science professor last term all but told people ‘code monkeys’ were were just above real monkeys on the intellectual scale.

His provided code for assignments was absolutely aweful. I wonder where on the scale he was.

The days of the excitement in solving a problem in an effient and simple manner is gone, with todays supercomputers (yes your laptop for all intents and perposes is a supercomputer) we no longer seem to care how many cycles we use or how much memory is used in the process. They days of the truely great programmer are gone replaced instead with a poorly implemented computer program.

So what are all these people doing in these classes?

Are they clinging perhaps to some dream, a relic of eons past? or perhaps are they the future of research? 

The former is confusing given the current computer professional. The latter scares me.

I am not sure of the future of computer science. It would seem to be on shakey ground condidering what I have seen and continue to see. I have to restrain the urge to argue with the professors and have to force myself to ignore my classmates, especially the Engineers. (Engineers think they know everything, sigh)

It would seem to me that there is no way for progress to continue, considering the total lack of knowledge, experience or intelligence. Yet, somehow it does. Progress continues to march forward building forever on the unstable foundation of the previous generation.

How long could this last?

at some point we would expect it to crumble. 

But we continue.

We are idiots.