Localized Entirely Within My Kitchen

My sister probably has something to say about that.

I have once again taken over our living room. 

My sister made a valentine tree, so I think I should be able to spraypaint the apartment purple if I felt like it.

she would disagree.

I bought a tv.

it is nice, has no headphone jack though. My sister says I should not spend the money on a digital to analog converter for headphones.

32LH30, if you felt like looking it up.

There for some reason is sticky things on my floor. Why is there sticky things on my floor. Why is this floor carpet with sticky things on it? Why do people insist on making my carpets sticky?

My router died. ish. So I took my former media center and converted it to a router. which is ok, because I replaced my media center with a slightly newer media center to take advantage of my uber tv.

I am failing math

Literally, I have not done the math, but I somehow doubt it is possible to get a passing mark at this point.

It is frustrating because the assignments look like greek to me. perhaps I should learn greek.

Fortunately I am apathetic, and as such, dont care.

I will have to think about next year though.

Because I will probably end up working at mcdonalds (the current career of choice among my friends at the UofS) I have decided to actually write something useful.

as such, I wrote picturewords.com which does not exist because someone stole the name. dumb cyber squatters. 

However go here: http://picturewords.terdos.com it is merely a random word generator for pictionary. I am not using a dictionary as that would generate a lot of non-useful words. So currently all words are user submitted, there are only half a dozen at the moment. There is a place to comment at the bottom somewhere. 

I need some criticism and or a domain name so feel free to comment. and add words.

I will be adding categories and difficulties, and definitions, when I get  around to it.

I still dont know why I have a valentine tree.

this computer has no spell checker 🙁

for electronics class I am building a clock. it is actually fairly simple. kinda sad really how simple a clock is. 

my former room mate is building a game.

It i think is spinning out of control. especially since he is relying on me for help.

cheezies and gummie worms, part of your complete breakfast.

i wonder if throwing a wii remote at the tv would actually break it.

i should try.

I need a wireless keyboard.

Stargate universe has potential. I hope they do not cancel it too soon,

I have been told I should get an xbox.

I have voicemail.

i may have to check to see if that makes sense.

I now own the first two seasons of big bang theory. woo.

how does a chipmunk play football?

I should probably study sociology.

which is just pointless.