An apology for my unruly behavior

The following post is made

of my own free will. I would like to correct my previous post which implied that my sister drinks, this is in fact incorrect as she is known never to touch the vile liquid in question. I will work harder in the future to ensure that my posts are one hundred percent accurate. 

Thank you for your time.

Perhaps more would be better

My sister for some reason seems to feel the need to quote me. This is no doubt odd. Even though the conversation is dead and gone my sister is there frantically trying to remember what was said. OFT TO NO AVAIL! But of course that stops her not as we know someone was there who remembered what was said and the entire conversation rehashed just so we can get to what she deemed amusing
I sometimes wonder if what the end result is in any way was what was actually said

I have no idea how my sister does it. Not that. This.

but alas that is one of the many mysteries that is my sister.

She wrote something on a paper, blue sticky note, square, once. last night, while she was just slightly more than tipsy. 

I know what it was.

Perhaps we will find out if she does.

I Bought an XBOX 360 cheap.

its fun.

you should get one.

I need Coca-Cola. 

I my dear friends am off to get some.