The pork dumpling gang

So, I was told to make pork dumplings.

First step (of course) is to gather your ingredients:

For the dumplings

Canola Oil

For the dipping sauce

It is important to have a recipe on hand so that you dont get lost here is mine:

Get a large bowl

and a snack

At this point it is very important to spread all the components around the kitchen like so (and yes I am missing a few items, I know):

and so:

First add pork

Chop some ginger

and add to bowl

Chop some garlic

add to bowl

chop some green onion

add to bowl

Soy Sauce!

Yep, you guessed it, add to bowl

Sesame oil too gets added to the bowl

Beat an egg

add to bowl

Chop some cabbage

throw away, I mean add to bowl


Roll in dumpling wrappers. Yes, I know, I made rolls not dumplings.

Fry  in oil

until goldy brown

drain and place on plate

then you get to eat it.

The mess