I have been complaining a lot lately.

Right now I am complaining internally about the people who felt the need to park in my spot and because of poor city planning  i am required to now park "gasp" across the street. You don’t know the crazy things they do over there. My car probably will be gone by morning.

I also am currently complaining about firefox on linux. WHAT IS WITH IT? it just sucks. eos.

I could also be heard complaining about the three research projects I have on the go. Two of which I have yet to start. I may also have been heard complaining about the two implementation projects I have on the go. One of which I have started. And perhaps you have heard about me complaining about my many assignments I have to do. 

I can also be heard loudly screaming into the night about student loans, who claim I make too much money, and yes it is true. I can still pay at least one bill a month.

And perhaps you have heard me complaining about all the people who I have no doubts go out of their way to be in mine.

Or when I am in a good mood perhaps you have heard me complain about the transit service in saskatoon. robot driven vehicles cannot get here soon enough.

And don’t get me started on the people who feel the need to comment on cbc’s news reports online. WHY DO THEY EVEN HAVE THE OPTION?

And perhaps last but not least, I have been known to complain about complaining too much. it is a vicious circle.