I hate starbucks.

Now. you are probably wondering which of the infite reasons have I chosen to complain about?
Is it that they are a horrible corporation bent on death decay and destruction, not to mention contributing to the delinquency of our adults? Is it because of the repressive atmosphere the create? The incredibly annoying free wifi? The fact I have to bring my own measuring implements? The outrageous cost for a medium coffee? Their pretentious air? Their …

No. Although I agree completely.

I hate their coffee. If you can call it that. Garbage pail water.

Every day however because no other coffee shop comes within “I have to walk through this place to get to work” distance I fork over 2.10 plus tip.
Over the months of experimenting I have managed to get a tollerable mixture of cream, sugar and coffee. Because they let me mix my own, 5 or 6 packs of sugar, 1/3 of the cup with cream, summatra coffee (only choices: breakfast, mexican, summatra, decaf).

Even with this I often cannot finish before it gets cold.

As an amusing note. I had some summatra coffee at home i had gotten for 50% off. I had been ignoring it because it was starbucks. I recently ran out of normal coffee an I had to try it.
It was actually not bad. this is funny, because i cannot make good coffee at home. I am going to assume their coffee gets better with age, or perhaps they just brew it wrong. dunno.