Cabinet Cabaret Part 3: Tuesday Slop

There is a story, told in hushed tones, by painters in the dark recesses of the internet about a cabinet that could not be painted. For years the cabinets had been lost, until now…

Today I slopped another coat of paint. The first picture is a before.

image002 image003

Next time buy pre-painted cabinets.

Cabinet Cabaret Part 2

Another coat
image001 image002

Now. I know what you are thinking. I just reposted my existing pictures and assumed you would not notice. Not the case. This is another coat of paint. Remarkably there is little noticeable difference. One would imagine at some point in time that I would just be placing white paint over white paint and the only colour variations would be from the minute textural inconsistencies instead of some arbitrary see-through-ed-ness. However, That may not ever be the case. Perhaps I should just give in and paint it orange.