I am supposed to blog, But about what?

Yesterday I learned my name was attached to a paper submitted to some conference (or something) somewhere. It was rejected, so that was good. Best not to be published (although being a co-author is not really being published is it?) until I actually write something.

Maybe someone told me, but likely I would have said “yeah sure whatever” and forgotten about it moments later.


First demo of my work game thingy is to be revealed at the end of the month. Hope it works.

I bought a new iMac Mac Mini. Last month some time. It does not play minecraft that well. So it is sad. I also bought a less new iMac some time before that. It does NOT play minecraft. I don’t turn it on.

Parallels is fun.

But since it is still a virtual machine it sucks.

This is the 139 word.

this is code

word press is weird.

This is b-quote

3 thoughts on “I am supposed to blog, But about what?

  1. Congrats on just about being published! Also on game completion. That is very cool.
    I had just thought of searching for it and then remembered it was not yet done.

  2. How did that whole weird colour thing play out for Mr. “I’m too cool for RGB”? LOL

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